Qigong Meditations

Guided Qigong Meditations


Qigong Meditation Self Concentration

Self-Concentration Meditation Any Level

Guided Meditation with Master Chunyi Lin

Develop self-awareness and heal the body. 

Butterfly Qigong Healing Meditation

Butterfly Guided Healing Meditation Most Popular

Guided Qigong Practice with Master Chunyi Lin

"You are an energy being. The butterfly is such a perfect and beautiful example of energy transformation...


Small Universe Qigong Meditation

Small Universe Qigong Meditation Any Level

Guided Meditation with Master Chunyi Lin

Ancient and traditional Qigong internal cultivation meditation that work in multiple dimensions. 30 & 60 minutes practice guided by Master Chunyi Lin.

Qigong Meditation for Cancer Healing

Cancer Healing Meditation Any Level

Guided Meditation with Master Chunyi Lin

In this meditation, Master Lin will guide you in focus on awakening and enhancing your connection with this limitless, healing love to help you or those you love experience a complete and perfect healing.


It's True Guided Meditation Any Level

Guided Meditation with Master Glenn Tobey

Master Tobey’s inspirational words will open you to a loving heart and a loving life. A life where you are beautiful, you are valuable, you are love, and your purpose shines. “It’s True!”

Qigong Meditation Rainbow Spinal Cleasing

Rainbow Meditation Advanced

Guided Meditation with Master Chunyi Lin

Ancient Qigong Meditation Practice for Bone Marrow Cleanse. Replenish Qi to every cell in your body, quickly develop the third eye and spiritual energy, and help to heal bone marrow problems. Designed for use by advanced Spring Forest Qigong students.

Qigong Meditation Healing Our World

Healing Our World Guided Meditation Any Level

Guided Meditation with Master Chunyi Lin

Sharing our love and healing energy with the world at this critical time. Let's join together in focusing on the beauty of this perfect, healing love and the joy of sharing it with every child, every woman, every man, in every corner of our world.


Qigong Meditation Meditating in the Temple of Heaven

Meditating in the Temple of Heaven Advanced

Guided Meditation with Master Chunyi Lin

This two-hour long guided meditation is for all Spring Forest Qigong students worldwide who have been seeking a long, transcendent, meditative journey with Master Chunyi Lin, to heal, to transform, to illumine, and open to your limitless unconditional love.

Qigong Healing for Animals

Distance Healing Meditation for Animals Any Level

Download Guided Meditation by Master Jaci Gran

Animals love meditation healing energy! You can practice this healing meditation with your pets. Or, simply play the music in the background for your animals. They can hear the energy vibration from the meditation.


Chanting Meditations

Heart Sutra by Chunyi Lin

Heart Sutra Chant Powerful

Chanted by Master Chunyi Lin

The perfect expression of unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness by Buddha. It contains the most powerful messages in the universe to help you raise your energy to a higher spiritual level through the doctrine of emptiness.

Six Word Chant by Chunyi Lin

Six Word Chant Deep Stillness

Tibetan Style - chanted by Master Chunyi Lin

An ancient Buddhist healing chant.For Healing, Wisdom, Purity, and Enlightenment.

7 Day Blessing Recordings - Chantings and Meditations

7 Day Blessing Meditations 2024

Live Event Audio Recordings with Master Chunyi Lin and our Tibetan Monk friends

7 guided chanting meditations, over 3 Hours of audio. The sacred sounds of ancient Tibetan chants, combined with Master Chunyi Lin's guided meditation, provides us with the power to attain our goals of a safe, healthy and prosperous 2024.

Chanting Meditations by Chunyi Lin

Chanting Meditation Bundle

Download Heart Sutra and Six Word

Limited Time Offer - Special Bundle Pricing of SFQ chanting products


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