Self-Concentration Meditation

Guided by Master Chunyi Lin


Develop a Stronger Connection between your Mind & Body

Following a guided meditation such as the Self-Concentration’ meditation can be a very simple, but powerful way to help you foster contentment through the simple process of listening, and focusing on your breath.  When you are focusing on your breath, your body relaxes and allows the universal energy to flow in and excess energy to flow out.



The Self-Concentration Meditation helps you...

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Heal the body through mental concentration and controlled breathing
  • Discover the inner beauty of your body
  • Increase your energy and strengthen your ability to help heal yourself and others. 
  • Move into a deeper state of meditation


Relax and Feel the healing energy being sent into each part of your body as Master Chunyi Lin guides you through this powerful meditation.


Qigong Meditation Self Concentration

Any Level

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Time: 28:26



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