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Head to Toe Healing: Your Body's Repair Manual

76 Proven Self-Care Techniques You Can Do on Your Own

In Head-to-Toe Healing, Your Body’s Repair Manual, Master Chunyi Lin guides you in stimulating dozens of these special “energy points” to help you relieve so many common problems from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet. 

You can use these techniques to help yourself, your children, your friends, anyone. 


Born a Healer 

#1 Amazon Best Seller

The Making of a Legendary Qigong Master

Informative, instructive, and inspirational, Born A Healer begins with the story of Chunyi Lin's journey from an often-terrifying childhood during the tumultuous and violent Cultural Revolution in his native China to becoming the renowned healer and teacher he is today.


Head to Heart - The 18-inch Journey into Oneself

THIS IS A QUEST OF LOVE, TRUTH, AND DISCOVERY, AND A JOURNEY INTO YOURSELF. HEAD TO HEART is not just a book, but is a miniature multi-media course. This book honors your unique quest and will help you on your way. The 18-inch journey from the head into the heart is the biggest journey you can make. It will show you how you can achieve anything you want, simply by connecting your head to your heart.


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