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"DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR AND BUY THIS BOOK!!! Apply the exercises, and watch the miracles start unfolding. "

~ John C., reader of Born A Healer


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True Life Stories of Ordinary People Who Have Experienced the Extraordinary




Why Born A Healer




"I was born a healer. You were born a healer, too!"

That is the message of Master Chunyi Lin's first book, Born A Healer. Informative, instructive, and inspirational,

Becoming A Qigong Master

Born A Healer begins with the story of Chunyi Lin's journey from an often-terrifying childhood during the tumultuous and violent Cultural Revolution in his native China to becoming the renowned healer and teacher he is today.


Learn Spring Forest Qigong

Continues with an introduction to Spring Forest Qigong, guiding the reader through the basics of this enhanced healing technique created by Chunyi Lin and based on his years of study and training in the ancient Chinese art of healing and wellness known as Qigong.

True Healing Stories

This book concludes with the amazing stories of some of Chunyi Lin's students, told in their own words. Their experiences are living proof of the truth of his message that everyone was born with the gift of healing, and a testament to how Spring Forest Qigong can provide you, too, with what you need to use this wonderful healing gift to help yourself and those you love.


Born A Healer was written for anyone searching ...


  • For a way to help others to heal with authentic Qigong
  • For a way to naturally relief from pain, sickness, disease, or injury
  • For a way to naturally relief from stress, anxiety, depression
  • To increase vitality and have abundant energy
  • For greater insight into life


… all told through the true life stories of ordinary people who have experienced the extraordinary, life-changing results possible from the simple, yet powerful, techniques of Spring Forest Qigong.








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Inspiring and Instructive at the Same Time

Master Chunyi Lin's stated mission is "A Healer in Every Family and a World Without Pain." This book goes a long way toward making that lofty goal a reality. It is very readable, engaging and inspiring.
Compared to other Qigong books I have since read, it is more direct, easy to understand and immediately practical. Offering a combination of "how-to" instruction in the practice of Qigong; biographical background; and personal testimonies of those who have experienced profound healing from this simple but powerful practice,Born a Healer is a great manual for anyone who is ready to experience the wonders of Qigong healing for self and others.
As one who knew about subtle energies for decades but had yet to actually raise the awareness of them in my own body, I was amazed to find that Master Lin's easily learnable exercises awakened my sensitivity to these energies within a couple of practice sessions.The healing modalities he teaches are accessible to anyone who is willing to practice with them, and the results--for me--have been astounding.
You will not want to stop with this book. Master Lin's live trainings and audio-video support materials can take you as far as you want to go, and in his presence you know that he is someone whose motivation is centered in love.

Lynn Sparrow



Buy the book, apply the exercises, and watch the miracles start unfolding. Then, go get his full length course at spring forest qi gong....there are special exercises that should be 'listened' to on dvd and cd....this guy is the real deal folks it will be the best $ you will ever spend........

John C.


A Gift for Everyone

I read "Born a Healer" after attending a week-long retreat with Chunyi Lin. The book was helpful for me in that it gave a background and history of Chunyi's experience which led up to his creation of Spring Forest Qigong. It is uplifting to see another human being forge such beauty and assistance for humanity out of such suffering.
All my life as a health care practitioner I have searched for ways to make other human beings more self-sufficient with their health, and to provide them with methods to easily help others in pain. In "Born a Healer" we learn just that. Chunyi has developed a system that is simple, practical, and effective. I use his techniques daily for myself, my family, my patients, friends, and anyone in need. I am so grateful for his gifts.

Dr. Joseph Lancaster


Inspirational, Clear and Practical

Qigong (translated anywhere from "breathing exercise" to "energy exploit") can be a potent force in health and healing, as well as in martial arts. Yet, while herbal medicine and acupuncture have gained grudging credence in Western Medicine, qigong has remained a mystery, not only in the West but also in its native land of China.
Unlike herbal medicine and acupuncture, which abound in accepted texts, and established clinical, educational and research institutions, Qigong Healing, despite three millennia of history, numerous convincing anecdotes, and considerable scientific research, lacks both. The art is perpetuated nearly entirely from master to student, one on one, to a selected few. There are as many variations of the art as there are practitioners. Thus, while there are other successful Qigong healers now practicing in the West, it is remarkable that Author Chunyi Lin (literally, Spring-Proper Forest) has been able to establish not only a flourishing clinical practice, but a popular educational program, which includes adult educational classes, home-study courses and seminars, with thousands of students, successful graduates and an international following, in, of all places, the suburbs of the Twin Cities.
Co-writer, Rebstock, who, as a skeptical investigative TV journalist, thoroughly studied the available scientific data on Qigong before interviewing Lin, eventually became an ardent convert. Respectable academics in Western Medicine have initiated serious research into the efficacies of "Spring Forest Qigong".

Dr. William W. Lo


Inspiring and Healing

I strongly urge anyone with an interest in qigong to read this book. Spring Forest Qigong is a miracle, and Chunyi Lin's story is so inspiring, it is definitely worth reading to gain a broader background on where qigong comes from. It also provides a great context for understanding the practice of SFQ.




If you are open to it, your healing will begin just by reading this book. Chunyi Lin shares his incredible life story filled with terror and pain to show how Spring Forest Qigong was eventually created. This book was written from his heart to share with his readers a way for them to experience and develop their own healing gift. The basic meditation and exercises that he thoroughly explains are easy to grasp and simple to do.
The testimonials included instill confidence that anyone can learn and practice Spring Forest Qigong and experience incredible healing! Above all, Chunyi Lin teaches that learning Qigong technique is important but that the most important aspect of healing comes from the energy of love, kindness and forgiveness.

Rita Marie


5 Stars and I and the wife apply Chunyi's guidance every day for a better, healthier life

Read it, use it, and I and the wife apply Chunyi's guidance every day for a better, healthier life. Which we share with friends and family. We are all healers, he illustrates how easy, and simple it is to become truly does work for anyone !

Amazon user Riptideon


Changed my life

This book changed my life and for the better. I was bedridden and in a wheelchair for fifteen years. Sick for forty-two.After a routine tetanus booster I developed a mystery illness and went downhill over many years of searching for diets and supplements to help. This book and qigong meditations and visualizations turned my life around. I can walk again, no wheelchair. I can drive a car, stand and cook, shop at the store and take a walk every day. I am not completely well by any means but so much better.
Now I realize I developed an autoimmune disease from the shot and a bacterial infection of the gut. I am still working on this with diet and herbs which I could not do before, I was too weak. Every day is a good day as Chunyi says.
Now when I have pain or discomfort I have some great tools to deal with it. It is so empowering. It may seem simple and "silly" to begin with but if you stick with it it will pay off in unimaginable ways.I can not say enough in support of this gift that we all have and only need to awaken and cultivate and this book that makes so easy to learn and understand. I have tried other forms of Qigong and Chunyi was the best fit for me.

Amy Farrell


Getting to know a friend

Once you read this book you feel like you know Chunyi Lin. It is well written. A good portion of the book is autobiography; but, it's a page turner - you will be compelled to read it in one sitting. Chunyi shows us how we are all "born a healer."

Amazon user Lazytea


Great book for all

Inspiring and surprising!! He has been through so much in life, and anyone can benefit from just reading his real-life story. A great book for all who want to help themselves and others. It helps you keep a positive focus in all aspects of your life. You will not regret picking this book up. Probably the best investment you will make.
I would like to personally thank Chunyi Lin for his ability to put in words the passion he projects.
Thank You, Mr. TL Frazier

Mr TL Frazier


Outstanding! excellent! life changing

Chunyi Lin in my opinion is a master teacher and communicator, not to say that he also a Qigong master of the highest order. I have read this book, and also bought some of his Qigong DVDs and meditation CDs. For those who seek spiritual truth, inclusive of whatever religion you profess, this material changes ones life. It is deep and profound. As a Christian, there is nothing in these teachings that contradict my faith. In fact my faith is deepened.


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