100 Days of Qigong Challenge

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Many people ask Master Chunyi Lin; how to get the greatest benefits from my Spring Forest Qigong practice?  Master Lin's answer has always been:





How 100 days of Spring Forest Qigong Changed My Life


Cecelia Jurgens , Saskatoon, Canada

When Cecelia Jurgens made the commitment to practice Spring Forest Qigong for 100 consecutive days her life began to change in the most amazing ways. She started feeling better. Her eyesight improved and her macular degeneration went away. Then she decided to use the Spring Forest Qigong techniques she’d learned to help others.

First, she helped a friend who was really sick, recovering from cancer. To her amazement, it helped.

Then, she used her SFQ techniques to help her husband who had been suffering with arthritis in his wrist for about ten years. His wrist was always stiff. He couldn’t bend it and doctors told him nothing could be done.

“I did the proper session on him and it was just like that. The wrist was bending. The pain was gone and it stayed like that. It’s just mind boggling. It’s been a really exciting journey. You just have to believe it. It’s just the most phenomenal thing that I’ve ran into. It’s really changed my life and hopefully I can help change a lot of other people’s lives.”





"Consistent practice.  So you can establish and program your body to a specific energy pattern which will help you achieve your goals, regardless it is healing or raising your own vibration."
~Master Chunyi Lin





Why 100 Days 


When you are practicing Spring Forest Qigong, you are programming your body for a balanced flow of Qi.  When the Qi is flow smoothly in the body following our body's natural energy system, the energy blockages are transformed, and the body's energy flow is restored.  Once you completed 100 days of Qigong, you have created a wonderful environment in your body that, even you are too busy to continue, your body will remember the energy pattern you created, and work it automatically for you.  100 days of consistent practice gives the body enough time to build up a robust and stabilized energy pattern your body needs.

Practice Spring Forest Qigong for 100 days, many people experience the benefits include:

  • Clarity of the mind and body
  • More energy and vitality
  • Physical challenge symptoms reversed or disappeared
  • Younger appearance
  • Stabilized emotions
  • Calm and peaceful feelings
  • Higher levels of awareness and wellness
  • And more...

Commit yourself to practice Spring Forest Qigong everyday for 100 days.





I committed myself to 100 days of qigong practice when I first started practice Qigong.  I helped myself to heal my arthritis, bone spurts, and even suicidal depression.  The experience and results were marvelous!  I want you to feel the same benefits like what I feel.





How to Do the 100 Days of Qigong


We recommend you practice Spring Forest Qigong everyday at the same time, no matter it is 5 minutes or half an hour.  If you can commit to one hour of Qigong each day, that is the best.  You can practice Spring Forest Qigong movements or Small Universe Meditation.  Do it everyday for 49 days and then take one day off for break.  After the one day break, you continue for another 49 days, and take another day off.  That is 100 days of Qigong practice.


How to Use the Chart


The chart mentions an Active Exercise (Qigong movements) and a Small Universe exercise. The Active Exercise refers to Spring Forest Qigong Level One active exercises for Health, and Small Universe refers to the Small Universe meditation.

Both of these exercises are extremely simple, powerful tools you can use to help heal yourself. They can be done anywhere, anytime. Both exercises, as well as a Level One for Health Manual, are included in our Spring Forest Qigong for Health package.


For more information on Spring Forest Qigong for Health, click here!

Download the 100 Day of Qigong Chart






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