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Are you a practitioner of Spring Forest Qigong with an incredible healing journey to share?

Whether it's your own remarkable recovery or one you've facilitated, we want to hear from you!

No need to worry about being a polished writer – just be yourself and share your story authentically. Whether it's a profound transformation like cancer remission or a smaller yet significant healing from conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome or emotional struggles, we welcome all narratives.

If you have any supporting evidence such as medical records or diagnoses, please include them with your story submission. Your story could be featured on our new website, in an upcoming blog post, or even in Master Chunyi Lin's upcoming book!

Please remember, if you're seeking healing advice or wish to book an appointment, kindly contact us at , as this form isn't monitored daily.

Share your journey with us and inspire others on the path to wellness!



Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share, rent or sell your name or email to anyone.

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