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Whether you are a healer or you need healing yourself, the Healing Connection's deep Qigong knowledge Illuminates the way!

This is an old saying that the right teacher will point out the right path for the right student.

The Healing Connection is how Master Chunyi Lin illuminates the path for you.


Join Founder of SFQ & Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin, as he personally imparts his invaluable wisdom, guides you in powerful meditations, and answers your deepest questions.



NEW Qigong & Healing Topics Every Month!

New topics each month, separated into weekly sub-topics.

Each specifically designed to deepen your understanding of Qigong.

Learn Qigong Principles & Wisdom

Learn and consistently practice with Master Lin for awakening, helping yourself to heal, and to help others

Cultivate your Qi Wisdom

A sustainable source of knowledge and wisdom that can be shared within your community!

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Wow!  Almost every Tuesday for the past 10 years I have received amazing lessons of growth and healing directly from Master Lin.  It has been a great joy and honor to be part of this experience. -The power of each call individually is incredible and the cumulative strength over 10 years has been immeasurable and indescribable in the high level of their combined vibrational frequency.  The calls are truly life changing.
Nancy Havera




Upcoming Healing Connection Topics




APRIL 2023

The Three Dantians


“Dantian” means the field in which internal medicine grows. It is the place where we, as Qigong practitioners, cultivate the intelligence of our body’s Qi. 

There are three dantians in the body. Each has its own specific functions, which can be cultivated and developed through dedicated Qigong practice. 

As a Spring Forest Qigong student, you have been working with all three dantians, cultivating and aligning them, since you began with Level One: Qi Activation. 

In this month’s Healing Connection, Master Lin will further explain the significance of the three dantians (as well as ways to continue developing them): the lower dantian, to cultivate internal medicine for health and longevity; the middle dantian, for emotional and spiritual well-being; and the upper dantian, for enlightenment-wisdom and a deeper connection to the universe. 


April 4 -  Lower Dantian for the Physical Body

April 11 -  Middle Dantian for the Emotional and Spiritual Body

April 18 -  Upper Dantian for Shen

April 25 -  Aligning the Dantians

May 2023

Develop Powerful Intuition as a Healer


Some call it “intuition.” But in Spring Forest Qigong, we call it “the intelligence of the Qi.” 

When you learn how to detect Qi blockages in Spring Forest Qigong Level Two: Qigong for Healers, you come to understand that you are interacting with energetic responses to requests. These responses may include unconscious movements, images, temperature changes, itchiness, or numbness. All of these can be reflections of a powerfully developed intuition. 

How do we, as healers, further develop such powerful intuition when detecting Qi blockages? What Qigong practices can we do to create a stable, reliable internal vision that helps us to detect imbalances in the body’s Qi? How can we learn to trust our intuition instead of doubting it? 

Master Chunyi Lin will share many methods to help you cultivate the middle dantian for stronger intuition. This includes how to ask for guidance, how to read or receive meaningful signs (and how to sort them out from the “noise”), and how to go deeper into your heart to connect with your Shen. 


May 10 - How to Develop X-Ray-Like Vision as a Healer

May 17 - Understanding Intuition as a Different Form of the Senses

May 24 - Reading/Interpreting Meaningful Signs

May 31 - Polishing and Refining Shen

June 2023


Qigong comes from the Taoist tradition. You may not have realized it, but many of the Spring Forest Qigong techniques we practice today have their roots in Taoist practice. That includes internal refinements and Qigong movements like the Small Universe Meditation, the Energy Breathing technique, and many of the healing movements in Levels 1, 2, and 3. In fact, the entire SFQ system is based on ancient Taoist practices. 

The Taoism that gave birth to the philosophy of Qi and Qigong is not a religion; it is a way of life. More than that, it is a method for learning, for observing the universe, nature, human beings, and how all of those things’ existences support one another. 

Since this way of life encompasses so much and goes beyond techniques alone, traditionally Taoism was transmitted via heart-to-heart teachings from Master to student. Because of this, a Master would often have only one or two chosen students. Taoist teaching and study did not take place in a classroom, but amid life itself. 

Many people are unfamiliar with this ancient way of life and teaching. That’s why in this month’s Healing Connection, each week Master Lin will honor one of our ancient teachers by introducing a Master and sharing his story. 

June 6 - Master Lyu 

June 13 - Master Wang 

June 20 - Master Tao

June 27 - Master Ge





About Healing Connection



Cultivate Healing Qi

Enjoy regular Qigong meditation to cultivate healing Qi, remove Qi blockages, and peel away, layer by layer, the stresses life places on you.


Need an “a-ha” moment? With live Q & A, Master Lin answers your questions, explaining the Qigong principles and practices for your specific needs

Guided Meditation with Master Lin

Want to know what deep meditation is like? Let yourself be guided into a Higher Vibration of Emptiness by a Master who has walked the path and knows exactly how to take you there.

Need Healing?

Bring some water to the live session! Master Lin will energize the water and send healing messages to support your healing.


All Sessions Archived in “My Universe”

Access your Healing Connection sessions any time. Listen again and again until the wisdom becomes your own.

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Many Ways to Connect

Join each live session conveniently by phone, webcast, or zoom!

Weekly Hour-Long Sessions

Broadcast 4 Tuesdays each month. Learn and practice with Master Lin consistently for awakening, helping yourself heal, and to help others.



The Healing Connection is an important part of my personal growth and well-being process as well as a significant source of knowledge that I share with others in my healing practice and practice group. Master Lin's lessons are powerful; the Q & A responses are enlightening, and the meditations are transformative and healing! I am so grateful for the weekly Healing Connection. It literally sustains me!
Leanora W.




But There’s More!



4 Bonus Energy Harvesting Meditations- just for you!

As a Healing Connection subscriber, you are invited to join Master Lin as he guides you in a powerful Energy Harvesting Meditations, for a smooth transition of energy- for yourself

and the energies around you. A very special earth energy can be observed and cultivated to your benefit on these special energetic days.


4 x per year, during the Spring & Autumn Equinox and Summer & Winter Solstice.



Master Lin's Healing Connection wisdom and powerful healing energy flows through us, connecting our loved ones every week..
-Catherine E.




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