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Born a Healer 

#1 Amazon Best Seller

Get the softcover book $18

"I was born a healer. You were born a healer, too!" That is the message of Master Chunyi Lin's first book, Born A Healer. Informative, instructive, and inspirational, Born A Healer begins with the story of Chunyi Lin's journey from an often-terrifying childhood in the tumultuous and violent Cultural Revolution in his native China to becoming the renowned healer and teacher he is today.

Born A Healer continues with an introduction to Spring Forest Qigong, guiding the reader through the basics of this enhanced healing technique created by Chunyi Lin and based on his years of study and training in the ancient Chinese art of healing and wellness known as Qigong.

Born A Healer concludes with the amazing stories of some of Chunyi Lin's students in their own words. Their experiences are living proof of the truth of his message that everyone was born with the gift of healing and show how Spring Forest Qigong can provide you, too, with a powerful technique for using this wonderful healing gift to help yourself and those you love.

Get the softcover book $18

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 It's True Guided Meditation by SFQ Master Glenn Tobey

This beautiful guided meditation shows you the truth in your heart that will awaken your awareness of who you are.

It teaches you to transform your path from doubt, fear and anxiety to a future of fullness. It will help you release your feelings of unworthiness and bring you to a place of loving peace.

Master Tobey’s inspirational words will open you to a loving heart and a loving life. A life where you are beautiful, you are valuable, you are love, and your purpose shines. “It’s True!”

Special Gift

Buy this inspirational meditation and get a bonus gift: access to a replay of Master Tobey’s one-hour Finding Your True Self Through Meditation Teleseminar.

He will explore the truths of the heart, and explains why this meditation is so powerful.

Get the digital download $22.95

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 Chanting Meditation Bundle

These chants will help you:

  • balance the energy throughout the body
  • connect you to the healing energy of the universe
  • raise your energy to a higher spiritual level
  • ...and much, much more

Get the digital bundle $49.95

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 Meditation Music Bundle

These pieces are designed to enhance your meditation experience and help you go even deeper into meditation, enhancing your feelings of relaxation and peacefulness.

Get the digital bundle $44.95

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Qigong 123 Bundle

3 Qigong Courses in 1...Plus One Bonus Course!

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Your comprehensive guide to Spring Forest Qigong techniques that have helped empower hundreds of thousands of people just like you.

You will learn methods to help increase your energy and strengthen your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Get the digital course bundle $446 $299

Get the physical course bundle $446 $299

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