Embody the Wisdom of Spring Forest Qigong 


Qi Circle is a Global Gathering for Qigong Healing

An ongoing online opportunity for Qigong practice, guided by an expert Qigong healer and teacher each time. Designed to empower you, support your healing, help you truly embody the wisdom of Spring Forest Qigong, and create a Qi-filled lifestyle.



Live Guidance

Connect with a Qigong Healer and Teacher. LIVE QI and real connections every time.

Support and Inspire

Meet your global Qigong practice friends and help each other reach your highest potential.

Consistent Practice

Get motivated. Consistent practice is the key to harvesting the healing and awakening benefits of Qigong.




Qi Circle Includes



Healing Circle @ 12:00PM (Noon) US Central Time


An hour-long group session designed to empower you with Qigong. Class at 12 noon (US Central Time), every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our Qigong Healer will guide you in practicing Spring Forest Qigong healing movements to unlock your healing intelligence, followed by a guided healing meditation. While you are deep in the stillness of meditation, our healer will work to remove Qi blockages and balance your body's Qi, sending healing energy to everyone in the circle.

Deep Transformation Meditation @ 8PM US Central Time


It is exactly what it sounds like! Led every Monday evening at 8:00 pm US Central Time by our most experienced healers, it is a 30-minute guided Qigong healing meditation, designed to take you deeper into yourself for deep healing and deep transformation. If you can’t be there live (or if you would like to enjoy the energy again), you even get a full recording afterwards!


Bonus classes (such as chanting sessions) added periodically. The weekly schedule is updated often.




Why Qi Circle?



The Unity of Qigong Practice


The “conversation” between the energy inside you and the energy outside you acts like a wheel, a dynamic Qi Circle whose turning can take you wherever you want. Healing is just the start. It is a way of cultivating and harmonizing internal energy for healing, happiness, and spiritual growth.


Qigong joins the body and mind, Stillness and Movement.


One side of that is movement – Healing Circle.

The other side of that is stillness – Deep Transformation Meditation.

Together, they are the Qi Circle


As a community, we can support and inspire each other to reach our highest potential. The more of us doing this together, the stronger the Qi-field we create – for ourselves and for each other.




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All Access Ticket

16+ Qigong Sessions Every Month!

$69 monthly

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Approximately $4 per session

How it Works


01First- Check your inbox for the confirmation email. This confirms your spot and gives you access to the practice event.

02Second- Reminder email will be sent with a link or link(s) to join (approximately 1 hour before practice starts).

03Third- Click on access link to join with a smart phone or a computer.




This Month's Schedule



Receive only one email each day with access to easily join the LIVE practices. Join all sessions or any sessions that work for your schedule! All times are in US Central time zone.


Download This Month's Schedule



Bonus classes (such as chanting session) added periodically. 




Love From the Participants




Dearest Gadu,

Thank you so very much for opening your healing circle.

I could feel your beautiful healing energy. assisting all of us on the call to balance our energy and bring forth greater healing in mind, body, and our spirits.

Thank you Gadu, and please forgive me for not saying hi in person, not really sure how this technology works and if you can hear the audio portion? Anyways, I’m so very grateful to you and all of SFQ team. It’s really helping get through this challenging season.

With deep gratitude to all you are doing to hold the planet in balance.

I Love you all my heart and send my Loving in the Light

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Hi, I participated in the healing circle today with Master Gadu.

Because of a incident in the house I had to leave for a few minutes during the meditation. I came back and slotted right in again.

I noticed that my body started to sway from back to front by itself and I felt a slight ripple in the chest while Master Gadu was sending energy.

I didn't realise that this could happen in such a profound way. Amazing.

Best, Lakhbir


The power of Qigong is in the practice!
~Master Chunyi Lin





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