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2019 Chicago One Day Retreat - Qigong Breathing 

2019 Chicago One Day Retreat - Qigong Breathing

Video Recordings from the Retreat

In this one day retreat, a mixture of Qigong knowledge, movements, healing, and meditations will be introduced. Master Lin is teaching Qigong with a focus on transformational Qigong breathing, which has been kept secret since ancient times. This kind of breathing is an essential practice for reversing health challenges and cultivating your own energy.

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7 Day Blessing Meditations 2019

13 Guided Meditations | Over 6 Hours of Audio | Stream Online or Download

The sacred sounds of Tibetan chants, combined with Master Chunyi Lin's guided meditation, provides us with the power to attain our goals of a safe, healthy and prosperous 2019. In the recitation of Tibetan ancient chants, sound is very important, for it can bring transformation while leading one to power and strength.

“We have one universal turn around the rising tide of disconnection in the world, and through renowned peace and love, to reconnect to what truly matters to us,” said Master Chunyi Lin. “The sound of ancient chants can lift one’s spirit towards the higher self. They give us the power to help heal diseases, clear karmas, enlighten our hearts and transform our lives.”

These wonderful Meditations are now available to purchase so that you can access their beautiful healing energy and wisdom anytime you wish!

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Higher Vibration Meditations - Wisdom Healing Retreat 2019 

Video Recordings from the Retreat | Over 16 Hours of Learning and Meditation Content | 1 Year of Online Streaming

The meditations include:

  • The powerful Rainbow Meditation, led by Master Chunyi Lin himself
  • Borrowing your Master's energy and unlocking your Qi
  • Candle Gazing Meditations for intuition cultivation

These meditations are essential for opening your third eye more completely. Opening your third eye is the key to taking your spiritual energy to higher and higher levels. In these meditations, you will be combining your energy with your ancestral energy, then combining both with the love energy of the universe. You will feel as though you are meditating along the shores of Lake Superior, drawing upon the very special energy of this truly Great Lake.

Now you can learn Spring Forest Qigong Level 4 Wisdom Healing – without the travel. This, of course, does not replace the live experience and is not considered a LIVE training class… but it will give you a wealth of information that you can begin using immediately to improve your health and well-being.

If you attended this event live, you know it was full of wisdom, enlightenment, healing, and connection. It might even have seemed like too much to absorb in one sitting. But that’s ok! With study and practice, you help bring yourself to that higher level of vibration – and this is the perfect thing to help you.

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Awaken the Master Within - 24 Steps Course 

The activities of our daily lives are often seen as impediments to enlightenment, to spiritual growth. The challenges we all face at times, the disappointments, the achievements, even the mundane can have the effect of setting us back in our spiritual growth.

Instead of holding us back, these very activities of daily life can propel us forward into higher and higher levels of penetration and spiritual enlightenment. The core of the 24 Steps is to help you break through those barriers and transform our daily activities into activities of spiritual growth and understanding of the deeper powers of the universe. The 24 Steps were designed for just that purpose.

Digital Course for Advanced Qigong Students

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Healing Circle for Awakening Women

Healing Circle for Awakening Women

This series was developed over many years and was recently compiled to bring to light some of Spring Forest Qigong’s most sought out and valuable wisdom pertaining to healthy living tips for women. It is one of the newest tools launched from Spring Forest Qigong meant to help supplement and create a new path for health and wellness for women.

As Spring Forest Qigong Founder Chunyi Lin puts it, “This is an extremely comprehensive and helpful resource for women looking to ensure health and wellness in their lives.”

The Healing Circle for Awakening Women features a series of audio recordings (43 total) from Spring Forest Qigong experts in the fields of natural and holistic tips for women.

Throughout this series you will hear:

  • Tips on how to balance emotions
  • Diet plans based on seasons
  • How to nourish the soul
  • How to find stillness throughout the hustle and bustle
  • How to create loving and lasting relationships
  • The best ways for creating positive environments for yourself and others
  • And much more…

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Bundle - 43 Audio Recording Downloads


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