Awaken the Master Within - 24 Steps


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Awaken the Master Within, Connection to the Oneness

 Recommended Study Time: 3 - 6 months

This 24 Step program was created to prepare you for SFQ Level 5 training but it is also intended to provide you with so much more. These twenty-four steps are offered to you as a way to better know yourself. To know you are a universe large and small and that the life inside and outside you is One.

With the constant awareness of the connection between you and the oneness, you can grow and you can penetrate to higher levels of frequency of your consciousness.

These 24 Steps were designed to help you move past the barriers that can often hold us back.

The activities of our daily lives are often seen as impediments to enlightenment, to spiritual growth. The challenges we all face at times, the disappointments, the achievements, even the mundane can have the effect of setting us back in our spiritual growth.

Instead of holding us back, these very activities of daily life can propel us forward into higher and higher levels of penetration and spiritual enlightenment. The core of the 24 Steps is to help you break through those barriers and transform our daily activities into activities of spiritual growth and understanding of the deeper powers of the universe. The 24 Steps were designed for just that purpose.

Each time you review each step you will find a deeper meaning and understanding. Each time you review and renew your practice of these Wisdom Lessons you will experience an even greater and more beautiful connection with the divine.

The 24 Steps program can help you discover and live your limitless life.

Step 1: Finding your life purpose, part 1
Step 2: Finding your life purpose, part 2, alignment with the divine
Step 3: Understanding the connection between you and the divine
Step 4: Understanding the connection between you and the divine; your inner divine
Step 5: Confidence training part 1, your will and faith
Step 6: Confidence training part 2, your higher will
Step 7: The power of sound
Step 8: Unity consciousness, pure love and truth, part 1
Step 9: Unity consciousness, pure love part 2
Step 10: Surrendering, leaving time, emptying self
Step 11: Forgiveness, part 1
Step 12: Forgiveness, part 2, ask to be forgiven
Step 13: Peace - your divine power
Step 14: Master's energy - the bridge between you and the divine
Step 15: Compassion - selfless service
Step 16: Feeling vs. emotion
Step 17: Soul and spirit
Step 18: Overview of the six senses
Step 19: Focusing on our senses: seeing - vision and observation
Step 20: Hearing - outer and inner
Step 21: Smelling - outer and inner
Step 22: Tasting - outer and inner
Step 23: Feeling - outer and inner
Step 24: Your sixth sense, your heart's intelligence

The Finding Your Soul Purpose course was designed to help you live that way by awakening you to the oneness of yourself and help you become more aware that you are an infinite universe. Only when you are in alignment with your soul's purpose, you can transform who you are.  At the heart, of the very essence of every part of you, is pure love and consciousness that seeks one action ~ for good.

Add to Cart $999 $768 Audio Course Download

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