Music for Qigong Practice 

Qigong Music

Qigong Music - Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty Music Exclusively for Qigong

Designed by Master Lin

This original Qigong music designed by Master Lin, is a unique blending of traditional Chinese and contemporary music. The music came to Master Lin during a five-hour early-morning meditation. After the meditation he sang the music he heard and gave it to musicians to play.

Qigong Music - Back into the Universe

Back into the Universe Music Exclusively for Qigong

Designed by Master Chunyi Lin

Master Lin designed this music to focus on helping you go even deeper into the emptiness experience, to help you connect more deeply than ever before with the Emptiness and enhance your feelings of relaxation and peacefulness...

Qigong Music

Qigong Music Bundle

Download Inner Beauty and Back into the Universe Qigong Music

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