Inner Beauty Qigong Meditation Music

Designed by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin for Spring Forest Qigong Practitioners



Exclusively for Qigong

UNCOVER YOUR INNER BEAUTY - Listen to a sample


Meditation Music Specifically Designed for Qigong Practice 

Run Time: 1:03:10

This original meditative music, designed by Master Lin, is a unique blending of traditional Chinese and contemporary music.

It is designed to enhance your meditation experience. The music came to Master Lin during a five-hour early-morning meditation. After the meditation he copied the music he heard and gave it to musicians to play.


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Where the Music Came From


It was a magical day. These 60 minutes of meditation music came to Master Lin during a five-hour early-morning meditation in a multi-dimensional way. 

In his morning meditation, Master Lin placed himself in the middle of the wide, empty planet. All of a sudden, a shooting light bolt struck from high in the sky and hit the ground, far from where he was meditating. He went to look for the lightning bolt and found it halfway buried in the ground – it hit the ground hard! He started to dig with his bare hands, only to find a gigantic 20-foot wide piano. The piano was decorated with diamonds and many different kinds of gemstones. As he uncovered the piano, the piano started to play the music by itself. However the music played, the underlying tone of the music always consisted of the sound of universe: "OM", and you will hear the sound of the universe in this meditation music.


This is the first meditation music he received from the universe to help him teach Spring Forest Qigong.  Where you are doing standing Qigong movements or the sitting Qigong meditation, this music helps to settle your energy so you can experience the Emptiness. He called this meditation music... Inner Beauty.

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