Back into the Universe Qigong Music

Designed by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin for Spring Forest Qigong Practitioners



Qigong Music - Back into the Universe

Exclusively for Qigong

Bring Yourself Back to the Universe - Listen to a sample


Designed Specifically for Qigong Movements and Meditation

Run Time: 59:27

Master Lin designed this music to focus on helping you go even deeper into the meditative experience, to help you connect more deeply than ever before with the Emptiness and enhance your feelings of relaxation and peacefulness...


Recharging the Soul

When was last time you were taken "Back into the Universe"?

This 60-minute long Qigong music was designed for just that reason – to help you go back into the universe in your Qigong practice. 

Why go back into the universe? Everything in the universe is energy. We are energy beings. When the mind is quiet, the soul will surface. When the mind is quiet, we are back in the universe, the place we recharge our soul.


The Origin of the Music - Come Home to the Universe

Back into the Universe came to Master Lin in a very unexpected way. One night, he was doing his meditation as usual, immersed deep in the void – that place from which one can observe everything in the universe. Out of this nothingness, he began to hear a beautiful bell chiming from far, far away. Drawing closer and closer to this sweet sound, he began to hear music. It came toward him like a wide ribbon of soft silk flying across the sky. It sounded so familiar, yet he had never heard it before.


So unspeakably beautiful and moving was this music that Master Lin knew it must have come to him from a far and ancient place. In this music, he felt re-energized and recharged. He knew it came from deep in the universe, like the calling of a mother for her child. It was saying, Come home to the universe.


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