7 Day Blessing Meditations 2024

Please listen to a sample of a previous year's Recordings, part of Day 6: The Medicine Buddha Sutra!

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7 Guided Meditations | Over 3 Hours of Audio | Stream Online or Download

These Meditations include:

  • A Prayer for All Living Beings
  • The Diamond Sutra
  • The Heart Sutra
  • The Grand Compassion Sutra
  • The Longevity Sutra
  • The Medicine Buddha Sutra
  • Transforming All Negative Karmas Chant

**See Below for Details on each Chant

The sacred sounds of ancient Tibetan chants, combined with Master Chunyi Lin's guided meditation, provides us with the power to attain our goals of a safe, healthy and prosperous 2024. In the recitation of ancient Tibetan chants, sound is very important, for it can bring transformation while leading one to power and strength.

“Encoded” in these recordings are the high-level Qi and blessing intentions of Master Chunyi Lin… of pure-hearted Tibetan monks… and thousands of Spring Forest Qigong Love Radiators, all sharing their unconditional love to bless the world for 2024. 

“We have one universal goal...to turn around the rising tide of disconnection in the world, and through renowned peace and love, to reconnect to what truly matters to us. The sound of ancient chants can lift one’s spirit towards the higher self. They give us the power to help heal diseases, clear karmas, enlighten our hearts and transform our lives.”

Master Chunyi Lin

These wonderful Meditations are now available to purchase so that you can access their beautiful healing energy and wisdom anytime you wish!

Add to Cart$249 $124.50

*Summer Sale (50% Off)

Complete Audio Download



7-Day World Blessing Meditation for 2024

Hosted by Grand Qigong Master Chunyi Lin and our Tibetan Monks Friends



A Prayer for All Living Beings

Awaken the Unconditional Love in your Heart

Discover the Deepest Connection of Gratitude for All Living and Non-Living beings and Awaken the Unconditional Love in your Heart with this powerful chant. 

Knowing we are all inter-connected, and cannot live without one another, we appreciate the energy and support for all beings. If for any reason we hurt them, knowingly or unknowingly, we ask them to forgive us. 

The Diamond Sutra

Feel Grounded and Activate your Inner Wisdom

Ensure this year, you and those around you will be Operating at Peak Performance with powerful energies surrounding and supporting you in achieving true greatness.

This Sutra that Buddha spend his last 20 years teaching, carries a special power of connecting you multi-directionally to the infinite source of creation. 

The Heart Sutra

Personal Enlightenment & Clear Unwanted Energies

The Heart Sutra is the most powerful teaching of the Buddha. It brings together all his wisdom on how the power of the heart can end all your sufferings and help you with your personal enlightenment. When you listen to this chant, your heart will fill with great love, connecting with anyone who comes to you this week. 

This Heart Sutra is a wonderful way to clear unwanted energy and help you avoid conflicts at home or at work. When you experience this chant (through your own voice or listening to it), it can help you attract like-minded people, and it brings you more joy and happiness. 

The Grand Compassion Sutra

Highest Level of Enlightenment

No matter who you are or what you are trying to achieve in this world, this chant has the power to help you achieve your life goals and fulfill your dreams by attracting all possible powerful energies to work for you in a joyful way.  

Continue to grow your compassion with the powerful healing energy that is hidden in this ancient chant. Countless of Buddha and powerful Masters reach their highest level of enlightenment and experience the uppermost level of joy when they practice this chant. Performed by the Tibetan monks and harmonized by Master Lin's guidance into the inner world that we seldom dare to touch. 

The Longevity Sutra

Protect & Cleanse your Body's Energy

Join Master Lin and the monks as they use the power of chanting to send you protection energies to release stress, tension, worries, and fears, so your energy and your body’s energy can be cleansed and renewed.

This chant has the energy to transform any undesired information that has been stored in the body creating energy blockages and bring forth a stronger vitality to live a healthy more balanced life.

The Medicine Buddha Sutra

Activate the Healer within & Find the Right Source for your Healing

This Sutra has great power for Healing your Physical Body and Emotions. From ancient to modern times, billions of people have benefited from this chant that carries thousands of years of powerful vibration which can be experienced in deep stillness.  

Medicine Buddha sutra chant not only has the power to help you activate the healer from within, but it also has the power to help you find the right source for your healing of any challenges.  

Transforming All Negative Karmas Chant

Cleanse your System of All Undesirable Karmas created Intentionally or Unintentionally.

We all make mistakes, some mistakes we are conscious of, and some are not; and this chant has the power to help you cleanse all the past undesirable karma created intentionally or unintentionally.  

This chant is perfect for the ending of the 7-day blessing meditation, to help you cleanse energies which might become negative Karmas in the future.  



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