Six Word Chant

Tibetan Style Group Chanting (Singing)


Six Word Chant by Chunyi Lin

Deep Stillness



Enlightenment, Compassion and Heart Opening, Condition the Energy of Your Home. 

Time: 1:03:20

The Six Word Chant for Healing, Wisdom, Purity, and Enlightenment.

The Six Word Chant is an ancient Buddhist healing chant. The six words are "Ong, Ma, Lee, Bae, Mae, Hong."


1st Sound - Ong

"Ong" relates to the heart of wisdom. This is the wisdom of the universe.  The "Ong" sound can help with problems in the eyes, the ears, the nose, and with all kinds of headaches and head problems.

2nd and 3rd Sound - Ma Lee

"Ma Lee" relates to a person's heart, which is full of changes.  "Ma, Lee" can help with problems in the throat, shoulders, elbows, heart, and lungs.

4th and 5th Sound - Bae Mae

"Bae Mae" relates to the purity of the heart, the emptiness.  "Bae, Mae" can help with problems in the spine, back, kidneys, stomach, and intestines.

6th Sound - Hong

"Hong" relates to the enlightenment of a person with the wisdom of the universe or with the power of God.  "Hong" can help heal problems in the joints of the body and the legs.


The six words together in combination can help to balance the energy throughout the body and help connect you to the healing energy of the Universe.


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