It's True Meditation

Guided Meditation by Qigong Master Glenn Tobey


The Undeniable Truths

How many times do we tell ourselves the same old stories of unworthiness, hopelessness or fear? Do we have to drag these emotions throughout our lives?

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can have it all. The genius behind Master Tobey’s guided meditation are a series of undeniable truths that will show you how to open your heart and awaken to the beauty and unconditional love that resides within you. In fact, his mediation is simply called “It’s True”.


Download this meditation and start reclaiming the basic truths of existence that have long been forgotten.

Meditation Length: 21:49

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Free access to Master Tobey’s one-hour teleseminar recording.  

Join Master Tobey as he explores the truths of the heart, and explains why this meditation is so powerful. Master Glenn Tobey  speaks about his journey from head to heart.  How he become a Qigong Master and what does it mean to be a Qigong Master to him.  You will get the behind the scene stories of the development of this meditation, as well as his conversations with himself.  He will also share many of his enlighten movements with you.  Master Tobey's teleseminar was recorded live on September 5th, 2018.  You can download the recorded teleseminar in MP3.  It is a gift from us to you. 



Glenn Tobey, Qigong Master


Master Glenn Tobey

Pure, Beautiful, and Bright

Are you looking for a meditation that is deeply peaceful and infinitely expansive?  Can you imaging how it feel to have your heart touched by every word?

Never before have we offered a guided meditation so inspirational, that it will open your heart and set free your unlimited healing and bounty. This powerful audio by Master Glenn Tobey is based on simple truths that will transform all your barriers and self-doubts.

How do you get there? It’s so simple. Join Master Glenn in this beautiful meditation as he shares his gentle, kind, and loving energy through his spoken word, clearing your mind and opening your heart to the simple knowledge of what is true for you.

Transform your heart so that it’s so pure, so beautiful, so bright, that it transcends all barriers, all self-doubt. Go back home, to your core. End the battle of not feeling good enough once and for all.



Nourish You and Your Wonderful Life


So open yourself to the possibility of a loving heart, that nourishes you and your wonderful life. A life where you are beautiful, you are valuable, you are love, and your life matters. It’s True.



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