Guided Distance Healing Meditation for Animals

Guided Meditation by Qigong Master Jaci Gran


Qigong Healing for Animals Any Level

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Guided Distance Healing Meditation for Animals


Use ancient Qigong meditations to help animals heal, whether they are near or far. (These meditations will also help you). Qigong healing meditation works by taking you to a state of higher consciousness where the power of our minds and hearts are at their strongest; in this state, with kind intentions, you can transform energy. Let Master Jaci guide you to higher vibration to transform illness.


Animals love meditation healing energy! You can practice this healing meditation with your pets. Or, simply play the music in the background for your animals. They can hear the energy vibration from the meditation.


We recommend practicing this meditation daily to increase your healing power.



Qigong Master Jaci Gran


Qigong Master Jacqueline Gran has been passionate about energy and the energy transformation and art for as long as she can remember. She has been practicing and studying Spring Forest Qigong since 1999.

At the Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center, Jaci oversees our Initial Appointments, offers Qigong and Qi~ssage healing appointments. She is one of Spring Forest Qigong Masters leading regularly scheduled Healing Circles with Qigong Healing Movements.Jaci is continually called upon to speak about the power of qigong in everyday living and illness recovery to local groups, and conferences throughout the world.

My passion is to help people explore who they are with Spring Forest Qigong so they can peel back the layers to discover their creativity, their unbounded love of life.”

In 2015, Jaci Gran was awarded Spring Forest Qigong Master by Master Chunyi Lin, the highest award honoring an Qigong Practitioner.

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