Meditating in the Temple of Heaven

Guided Meditation by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin


Qigong Meditation Meditating in the Temple of Heaven Advanced Level

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Let Your Masters Take You to the Temple of Heaven, Experience Limitless Unconditional Love and Pure Love From Your Masters

Run Time: 2:01:24

This two-hour long guided meditation is for all Spring Forest Qigong students worldwide who have been seeking a long, transcendent, meditative journey with Master Chunyi Lin, to heal, to transform, to illumine, and open to your limitless unconditional love.

Many years ago, along his journey to spiritual enlightenment, Master Chunyi Lin fell deeply into meditation and had a truly transcendent experience. Afterwards, he knew it was an experience he wanted to share with you, with all his students, and everyone who wants to experience the Pure Love of their heart.

Join Master Chunyi Lin for two hours as he guides you to a great temple of Light, a special, holy place, revealed to him as, The Temple of Heaven. Master Lin guides you on this mystical journey with those of the Light and your masters beside you, traveling from your small universe, to pure energy, where he opens new vistas many students have long sought to experience.

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