Healing Our World

Guided Meditation by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin


Qigong Meditation Healing Our World



"Very nurturing and empowering meditation ? I love to play it in my energy balancing classes ?" -- Yvette



Activate the Unconditional Love for the World

Run Time: 33:12

Share the Powerful and Healing Energy to the World

This guided meditation is for sharing our love and healing energy with the world!

The great man of peace, Mahatma Gandhi said, "Love is the simplest force in the universe. It is also the most powerful." This is so true.

The greatest healing and creative power in the universe is pure, unconditional love. The more healing love energy we send out to help others, the more healing love energy the universe returns to us. It is such a beautiful and powerful cycle.

The vision of this meditation is for all of us to join together in focusing on the beauty of this perfect, healing love and the joy of sharing it with every child, every woman, every man, in every corner of our world. Just think of how powerful and beneficial this will be for every person on this planet we all share.


Please join me in this Healing Our World meditation as often as you can, and please share it with everyone you know. Through the power of love we can heal ourselves and our world.
-- Chunyi Lin


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