Small Universe Qigong Meditation

Guided Qigong Meditation by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin


Small Universe Qigong Meditation

Any Level

On the physical level, practicing this meditation helps open your energy channels and having high awareness of your body.


On the energetic level, this meditation helps you cultivate personal energy.


On the spiritual level, you will find this meditation helps you get into the emptiness faster and deeper.



Ancient Qigong Meditation Practice, Powerful Energy


The Small Universe Meditation was designed to help you clear energy blockages along the two most important energy channels in your body which form the "Small Universe" in your torso (also called the "microcosmic orbit"). By using mental focus, controlled breathing, and sounds, this guided meditation helps you open all the major energy centers located along these two key channels and restore energy balance. 

This ancient Qigong meditation has been practiced and kept secret for thousands of years. In traditional Qigong practice, a select few were chosen to learn and practice this meditation. Master Chunyi Lin has broken from tradition and is sharing this very powerful health and personal energy cultivation practice to the world.

In the 30 & 60 minute guided Small Universe meditations, Master Chunyi Lin will use his voice and chanting sound vibration to help you move your internal energy ball into orbit around the "Small Universe" of your body.

You can practice this meditation sitting or lying down; all you have to do is relax and follow Master Chunyi Lin's instructions. The Small Universe Meditation really is just that simple - simple, yet very, very powerful.


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