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Advanced Qigong Courses

Working with the Masters Teleseminars - 6 Part Series

Discover Your Personal Power & Awaken to the Truth of Who You Really Are

If you've been seeking ways to "open your heart" and want to explore the spiritual energetics of Spring Forest Qigong, we invite you to explore the Chunyi's teaching called Working with the Masters.

Chunyi has created a new opportunity for you to become more aware of your inner power. Moving energy within you at any level is transformational. As you practice Qigong, elements of self-realized mastery become more known.

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 The Healing Connection

Continue Your Qigong Study with Chunyi Lin, anywhere in the world, Live!

  • 4 live hour long teleseminar with Master Chunyi Lin.  
  • Monthly focused topic about Qigong and Qigong practice.
  • Charging water into Healing Water.
  • Questions and answers during the call.  
  • Live guided meditation by Master Chunyi Lin.
  • Download replay MP3. 

The Healing Connection is more than a teleseminar — it is a community of like-minded people who come together each week for a powerful one-hour group call led by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin.

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Awaken the Master Within - 24 Steps Course 

The activities of our daily lives are often seen as impediments to enlightenment, to spiritual growth. The challenges we all face at times, the disappointments, the achievements, even the mundane can have the effect of setting us back in our spiritual growth.

Instead of holding us back, these very activities of daily life can propel us forward into higher and higher levels of penetration and spiritual enlightenment. The core of the 24 Steps is to help you break through those barriers and transform our daily activities into activities of spiritual growth and understanding of the deeper powers of the universe. The 24 Steps were designed for just that purpose.

Digital Course for Advanced Qigong Students

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