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Qigong Breathing


 In this one day retreat, a mixture of Qigong knowledge, movements, healing, and meditations will be introduced. Master Lin is teaching Qigong with a focus on transformational Qigong breathing, which has been kept secret since ancient times. This kind of breathing is an essential practice for reversing health challenges and cultivating your own energy.

The "things" happening inside of us are the things most crucial to our health. Master Lin will guide you in experiencing authentic Qigong breathing, so you can renew your body's energy. By moving your own energy like this, you harvest Qi for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Are you looking for healing? Maybe you are "stuck" and hit a plateau? Do you want to deepen your Qigong practice? Don't miss this opportunity of a one-day Qigong retreat with Master Lin in Chicago. Just imagine what will happen if you can raise your energy vibration just one more notch!



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  • Four Video recordings of Qigong breathing lectures by Master Chunyi Lin from Chicago one day retreat in 2019, unlimited streaming.



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