Demystifying the Small Universe

Master the Universe with Small Universe.


Chunyi Lin Qigong Master Small Universe


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$199 Self Study Video Course

**The Small Universe Meditation is not included in this course.



Why a Small Universe Course?



The Small Universe Qigong Meditation is THE signature practice of Spring Forest Qigong. From Level One to Level Five, it is the core of the Spring Forest Qigong curriculum. But why is the Small Universe Meditation the cornerstone of Spring Forest Qigong healing? What is it about this practice, that Master Lin is so confident in attributing so many benefits to it? How can it heal so many things in so many ways?


In this self study course, Master Lin will share the secrets of Small Universe, and why it is so beneficial for both physical and spiritual healing... when practiced effectively. Most important of all, he will teach you how to harvest the Qi from this ancient practice to help with healing, to increase your spiritual energy for advanced intuition, and to develop limitless possibilities.


New to Spring Forest Qigong?

There is simply no better place to start; Master Lin calls Small Universe “the most powerful meditation I have ever known.” You know the benefits of Spring Forest Qigong. You resonate with its method and philosophy. Come learn the “most powerful” from the best.

Already Practicing the Small Universe Meditation?

Well, you can get even more out of it! Once you hear what Master Lin has to share, you will say, “No wonder the Small Universe Meditation makes for miracle healings!” The right method requires less time. This self study course will give you the breakthrough you have been looking for.



The Goal of the Self Study Course



To provide Qigong practitioners with deep, comprehensive knowledge of the Small Universe Qigong Meditation practice. Master Lin wants to empower you with a solid understanding of the best technique so you can have the utmost confidence in your Qigong practice.


Master Lin does this by:


Sharing the "best practices" of Small Universe: the ins and outs, do's and don'ts.

Explaining the "dantiens" (centers of Qi cultivation), and their role in Small Universe.

Explaining the "points" in the Small Universe and their significance.

Explaining the differences between the Small Universe Meditation and the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, and why we practice Small Universe instead.

Explaining the "Virtual Small Universe" and the "Dan Track Small Universe," and their differences.

Explaining the "3 In-Line Gates," where they are located, why they are important, and how to open them. Opening these 3 gates is the KEY to turn on the SWITCH for complete healing.

Explaining the practice of Small Universe in great detail.

Explaining the sound-vibration and its role in Small Universe.

Explaining the breathing technique in detail.

Explaining the common results of consistent practice, helping students understand the "signs" of Qi cultivation.



Inside the Demystifying the Small Universe Course



What You Will Get


2 Hours of Video Teaching with Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin. He will energize you for a lifelong practice!

Bonus Demystifying Small Universe PDF Manual



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$199 Self Study Video Course

**The Small Universe Meditation is not included in this course.

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