Head to Heart - The 18-inch Journey into Oneself

THIS IS A QUEST OF LOVE, TRUTH, AND DISCOVERY, AND A JOURNEY INTO YOURSELF. HEAD TO HEART is not just a book, but is a miniature multi-media course. This book honors your unique quest and will help you on your way. The 18-inch journey from the head into the heart is the biggest journey you can make. It will show you how you can achieve anything you want, simply by connecting your head to your heart.

To help you on your way, it includes a series of Six Guided Meditations, guided by the author himself. The Guided Meditations will help you to truly feel and experience what you read. You will find so many benefits in reading this book, but the meditations will help your learning to go even deeper. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you have been on a soul adventure every moment of your life. And like any adventure, it holds both mystery and awakening... surprises and forgetfulness... discoveries and remembering... pain, suffering, and joy. You are a soul that took on a body to live an earthly life.

This book will help you to realize and experience your true self as your soul—something far greater than a limited, temporary being. As you open up to a greater experience of living as your soul and come to experience the connection between your head to your heart in your day-to-day life, you can experience a very high level of earthly living—living as your highest love. Living as your highest love, you become the perfect vehicle for your soul to experience and to express all its beautiful qualities... while you are right here on Earth.




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