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Our Masters also offer distance healing by telephone and they are just as amazing as the healings that you receive in person. If Qigong healing is new to you, this might sound strange, but energy is not limited by time or space; the energy that Master Lin and the other healers work with is the same whether you receive it in person or at a distance.

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Initial Phone Healing Appointment


Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center has designed a new initial appointment that we know will empower you to reach your healing and wellness goals! To help us best understand and serve individual needs, all new clients must have an initial appointment before scheduling their first individual Qigong Healing session. For clients who are unable to travel to our Center, we offer Initial Appointment over the phone.



A Guided Path to Health

The purpose of an Initial Appointment is a Guided Path to Health:



Healing Goals


Understand what your health or healing goal is. Intent influence outcomes. Spring Forest Qigong healers are experts in direct healing energy for the right use, therefore, knowing your goal is important first step in your healing. If you’re not sure, we work with you to find that goal.



Understand Your Energy


Your Healer will work on detecting your body's current state of health and vitality, as well as its energy patterns, so we have a starting place from which to track your progress. Everyone of us is unique, energetic speaking or Qi speaking. 



Healing and Detecting


Your Healer will detect specific energy blockages or Qi blockages which you may have, and work on removing them to re-balance your body's Qi flow. When the body's Qi is flowing smoothly, symptoms or challenges are released.





Receive recommendation for Qigong practice that are designed and customized for you personally.  You will also receive many self-empowerment tips and tools to help you experience the physical and emotional freedom.  You may also receive recommendation for further healing sessions.

All of the above is included in your Initial Phone Appointment Session.


Qigong Master and Certified Healers

Initial Phone Appointment Consultation & Healing - $155





Phone Qigong Healing Session


Phone Qigong healing appointments with Master Chunyi Lin or one of the Spring Forest Qigong Master or Certified Healers are available if you are unable to come to our Healing Center. When you make an appointment, you will be given a number to call at the time you have scheduled. Please call as close to this scheduled time as possible.


Master Chunyi Lin

Phone Qigong Healing session - $145

Phone Qigong Deep Healing session - $290


Qigong Master and Certified Healers

Phone Qigong Healing session - $120

Phone Qigong Healing for Animals or Pets


Qigong healing session via phone for a pet may be scheduled with a Qigong Master or Certified Healer. The support person who takes your call and schedules your appointment will note your pet's concern and share it with the healer. When you call at your scheduled time, once you and the healer have exchanged greetings, he or she will work on your pet in silence.

Animal healing appointments must be made by the person who is responsible for the pet. During the time the healing is taking place, it is fine if the animal is not beside you. What is important is that you know where your animal is and that they be relatively quiet if they are with you. You may also have their water-dish filled with clean, room-temperature water and ask the healer to add loving, healing energy to it.


Master Chunyi Lin

Phone Qigong Healing session - $145

Phone Qigong Deep Healing session - $290


Qigong Master and Certified Healers

Phone Qigong Healing session - $120





Phone Healing Appointment Details





During your phone healing session, please have glass of drinking water with you that is not carbonated or icy-cold. If you wish, you can make “yin-yang water”: boil pure water, fill a glass half-full, and then add room-temperature bottled or purified water to fill it. Allow this to cool a bit, to a temperature comfortable for drinking.




The Spring Forest Qigong Master or Certified Healer that you booked with will answer the phone when you call, and may ask if you need to tell them anything.

(**We will make note of the reason for your healing call when you book your appointment, so it is best to keep your comments to the healer brief. This leaves more time for healing.)

Then there will be a period of silence, during which they will work to detect any energy blockages in the body, remove them, and send healing energy to you and to the glass of water.




(At some point they will ask you to drink the water--you may drink as much as you like.) When the energy feels right, they will tell you they are going to hang up. At this point, you should meditate or simply rest for the next 30 minutes, or else follow any other instructions you might have been given.




People who have a first-time Qigong session via phone will be provided specific recommendations by their healer. A Spring Forest Qigong support person will then be given those recommendations, and will do their best to email them to you within the 3 business days following your appointment. The email will include a healing plan and recommendations. Then, depending on your progress, at the end of the healing plan the healer will re-evaluate your energy for further healing planning if it is needed.




If a child is receiving the healing energy, the appointment is done with the parent. The parent makes the call and has the glass of water on hand, which the child may drink from later in the day or even the following day (as much as he or she would like). It is ok if the child is asleep during the call.





We want to help. Calling us at +1-952-593-5555





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Cancellation Policy:


Full refund if you cancel 24 business hours or more before your appointment

50% charge if you cancel in less than 24 hours or do not show


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