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Remote Meditation Healing Sessions offer a convenient and efficient way to receive healing energy, allowing you to integrate the benefits of Qigong healing into your day or week without the need for lengthy appointments or travel.

Whether you're facing physical discomfort, emotional challenges, or simply seeking an overall boost in energy and vitality, a remote meditation healing session can provide you with the healing Qi needed to support your well-being.



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1- Day Remote Meditation Healing

Receive a continuous healing from Master Chunyi Lin throughout the day of your choosing. 

Generalized Healing Plan: You'll receive practical recommendations to continue supporting your healing process. 

$95 USD per day

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7 Consecutive Remote Meditation Healing Sessions

Benefits of 7 Consecutive Days

Individual Qi Assessment: The Qi assessment provides an in-depth analysis of your Qi system, identifying any blockages or imbalances that may be affecting your health and well-being. This assessment is based on the Qi perspective and may involve intuitive insights from the healer.

Personalized Healing Plan: Based on the results of your Qi assessment, you'll receive a personalized healing plan designed to address your specific needs and goals. This plan may include recommendations for Qigong exercises, meditation practices, lifestyle adjustments, and self-care techniques to support your healing journey.

By receiving an individual Qi assessment and a personalized healing plan, you'll gain valuable insights and practical recommendations to support your healing process. This personalized approach ensures that your healing journey is tailored to your unique energy and wellness needs, maximizing the effectiveness of the remote meditation healing sessions

Receive 7 Days of Healing from Master Lin

$665 USD $498.75 for ALL 7 Consecutive Days 


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Why Remote Meditation Healing?


Remote Meditation Healing is for everyone (including our animal friends)!

In particular, many of our clients request Remote Meditation Healing Session for themselves or for their loved ones who:


a Individuals Seeking Healing with Master Lin: If you're specifically looking to receive healing from Master Chunyi Lin himself, booking a meditation healing session with him is the quickest and most direct way to do so. His availability for individual healing sessions are limited; opting for a meditation healing session provides an opportunity to connect with his healing energy remotely. 

b Those Needing an Extra Boost of Healing Qi: Whether you're facing physical discomfort, emotional challenges, or simply seeking an overall boost in energy and vitality, a remote meditation healing session offer a potent infusion of healing energy to help you navigate your day or week with greater ease and resilience.

c Anyone Open to Remote Healing: Remote meditation healing sessions are accessible to anyone, regardless of location or prior experience with Qigong. If you're open to receiving healing energy and willing to engage in the process, these sessions can offer profound benefits for your health and vitality.

e Reset the Flow of Energy in your Body with Unconditional Love: Unconditional LOVE is the most powerful form of Healing Energy as it can change the direction of energy in your body, re-aligning the flow of energy into a beautiful healing, loving and blessing direction for a Complete Healing.

Relieve Excess Energy in the Body: When we experience accidents or traumas that information can get stored in the body, Remote Meditation healing sessions offer an efficient way to relieve excess energy in the body.  


Overall, remote meditation healing sessions are suitable for anyone seeking healing, support, and rejuvenation on their healing journey. Whether you're facing specific health challenges or simply seeking to enhance your overall well-being, these sessions offer a powerful opportunity to tap into the healing power of universal energy.





Meeting the Healers at the Healing Center





Joanne's Healing Story


I have breast cancer on the right side, along with lower back pain. My digestive system is very weak, too. After two meditation healings with Master Lin, I am happy to say that the lump in my breast got smaller. I feel much better, have more energy, and feel stronger, too.
--Joanne S.




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