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Meditation Healing

I have breast cancer on right side along with lower back pain. My digestive system is very weak too. After two meditation healing with Master Lin, I am happy to say that the lump in my breast got smaller. I feel much better, have more energy, and feeling stronger too.
--Joanne S.


Healing Energy From the Heart Has No Limitation of Time, Speed, or Space

With the unique technique that Master Lin developed, you can be confident that distance healing is not only possible, but very effective. In the past 25 years, Master Lin and his students have been using this distance service to help heal thousands of people in the world. We hope we can help you and your loved ones to heal with joy.



Who Can Benefit by This Meditation Healing?

  • Those who are unable to travel for any reason
  • Those who have time constraints and scheduling difficulties
  • Those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with qigong, but a loved one wants them to get the benefits of qigong healing.
  • Those who have physical and emotional challenges
  • Those who are in comas
  • Those in the process of life transition (terminally ill or in hospice)



How Does It Work?

This healing is done remotely with no physical or verbal contact. Each day, Master Lin and his advanced Master Healers and Master teachers at the SFQ Center will devote a specific time to work on your loved ones.

 Good to Know Before You Call


What Information is Needed?

Name, age, gender, location and areas needing healing.


How Effective is Distance Meditation Healing?

As mentioned above this healing is from the heart, and it has no limitation of time or space. The results are just the same as if we would work on you in person.


How Many Sessions are Suggested?

It depends on how serious the challenge is. For regular healing, 5 sessions once a week is recommended. If it is quite serious we might do it daily for 5 consecutive days. Your friends, our able staff, will advise you in your situation.

Always remember that when you are happy we are happier. When you are healed we feel joy.


Is Meditation Healing Available on the Weekends?

Yes, our healers meditate everyday, therefore they are able to do the meditation healing on the weekends.


What is the Cost?

The price is $30.00 per day for our Healers, and $90 for Master Lin. If you wish to be on the list or place someone else on the list please call the day before to set it up. Contact us at 952-593-5555. 

If you are ready to begin your healing, CALL: 952-593-5555

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Cancellation policy:
•Full refund if you cancel 24 business hours or more before your appointment

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