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Why Qigong Coaching?


“I am who I am because somebody loved me.” - Dr. Cornel West


It’s so simple, it may never have occurred to you.

But it’s like Qigong Grandmaster Chunyi Lin’s teachers told him – “the most powerful thing in the world is usually the simplest thing in the world.”  You are who you are because somebody loved you. You got where you are because somebody helped you.

How do you think Chunyi Lin became a Qigong Grandmaster? How do you think he has been able to help so many people to heal? Because somebody loved him and somebody helped him.


As simple as that sounds, it’s the heart of Spring Forest Qigong’s coaching services.


Somebody’s love and somebody’s help brought you this far; our Qigong Masters have the love, the knowledge, and the experience to take you far beyond where you are... to where you dream of being.





Who is Coaching for?


In life, everyone needs coaching. Children need coaching – most of us call it “parenting.”


The world’s most extraordinary athletes need coaching. They have a team of coaches – mental coaches, diet coaches, strength coaches, skill coaches – and all of them are the best at what they do.





Everyone needs help and everyone needs coaching, but our Qigong Masters have found that two groups of people benefit from coaching the most.


Those Who are New to Spring Forest Qigong


Simple as it is, starting a Spring Forest Qigong practice is like entering a new world. You begin to experience your mind, your body, your emotions, and everything around you in a new way – as energy. It can be exhilarating. It can be a lot.


And because people start doing Spring Forest Qigong for so many reasons – to heal their cancer, to help their anxiety or depression, to learn to heal others, or even to cultivate energy for spiritual enlightenment... they have so many questions.


Plopped in a new land without a map! Your Qigong coach is your map. Your GPS.


Where am I? Which way do I go? How long will it take? Can I go this way instead? Coaching with our Qigong Masters can:


  • save you time, trouble, and effort
  • help you come up with clear goals for your practice
  • give you personalized techniques or meditations to focus on
  • help you understand what you are doing and what you are experiencing
  • give you the encouragement and confidence you need to keep going
  • give you a level of personalized guidance, teaching, and even healing that you can’t get any other way.


Our Masters can do this... because they are Masters! They have helped thousands of people just like you and they have already been down the road you’re just starting out on.



Seasoned Spring Forest Qigong Practitioners


1500 years ago, the monk Bodhidharma came from India to China. Finding the Chinese monks’ bodies and spirits out of balance, he created a system bridging physical and spiritual practices – to bring his students back into balance. He knew that health and balance were essential for any higher development.


What Bodhidharma created was the foundation for martial arts as we know it today. He is one of the greatest Masters in human history. But he said that the real heart of his teachings were “not reliant on the written word,” but were “a special transmission separate from writings.”


Are you a seasoned Spring Forest Qigong practitioner? That is what coaching with our Masters can be for you. For our seasoned and advanced Qigong students, coaching can:


  • help you if you feel “stuck” in your practice
  • provide you a way to experience deeper healing, deeper meditation, and deeper understanding
  • help you open and develop your third eye
  • take you beyond “Qigong practice” as just movements and meditation, helping you integrate what you know into everyday life, making every moment a stepping-stone for greater cultivation, healing, and enlightenment


In keeping with the most ancient Qigong traditions, this kind of heart-to-heart teaching is the doorway to the highest levels of energy, understanding, and development.



What Does Coaching Look Like?


You are unique. Your goals and your needs are unique. Our Qigong Masters will work with you to create the perfect coaching session and coaching plan. But here are the basics.


Coaching sessions are by phone or by video conferencing.


30 minutes, $210 $170

60 minutes, $360 $249


Our Support staff will help you to schedule your coaching session and will make notes for the Master about your goals and concerns. In preparation for your coaching session, the Master will review these notes. Most people will want to begin with one 30-minute coaching session. But you may schedule a 60-minute session to start or a series of sessions if you already have a plan in mind.

After the session (either verbally, by email, or both), you will receive guidance on how to continue. That means suggestions for how many more coaching sessions to have, how often, and what to practice or focus on between sessions.



What does that look like?


It could be four more 30-minute coaching sessions – one every week or one every two weeks. This is ideal for people new to Spring Forest Qigong. It could be six more 60-minute coaching sessions – one every two weeks. This may be perfect for the goals of seasoned practitioners. This is something you and the Master would discuss. As you continue, the Master will be closely following your development and adjusting what and how they teach as you go along.


Coaching is a dynamic, unique process and interplay of energies, so it will be different for every person. You may schedule four or more coaching sessions at once to receive a 10% discount.



Who Are My Coaches?


Spring Forest Qigong Masters Jaci Gran and Rong Li, two of Grandmaster Chunyi Lin’s most advanced healers.


Masters Jaci Gran and Certified Healer Rong Li were both hand-chosen and trained by Master Lin to work alongside him at his Healing Center in Minnesota. Both have helped thousands of clients with healing, both are faculty members of Spring Forest Qigong’s licensed school, Energy Healing International, and both have many years of experience practicing, teaching, coaching people in the practice of Spring Forest Qigong. Their broad and deep experience in all aspects of Qigong and healing make them the ideal coaches for your unique needs.


Schedule Your Coaching Session Now You don’t have to “go it alone”! Call our Healing Center today (1-952-593-5555) to take the next big step on your Qigong journey, or send us an email at if you would like to know more.



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