Summer Season - The Joy of Fire Energy


June is a month of transition. The life force is very strong this time of year and nature puts it to good use.

All the new life that began in spring flourishes and strengthens during summer because it is getting all the energy from the earth, the air, the sun, and the water to give full blossom for a good harvest in the fall. As this is true for nature is it also true for you.

In Chinese 5 Element philosophy, the Fire element is associated with summer and heat. The Fire element is symbolic of maximum energy, nature at its peak of growth.

The body is the same. You should take advantage of this time to allow yourself to be active in so many things. Take in as much energy as you need to support all your activities.

Make connection with the earth for balance and harmony. Earth in your hands, your feet in the sand, time in the garden, are all very beneficial ways to take time to connect with the earth.


The Heart Energy

The Fire element is also associated with the heart, the pericardium, the small intestines and the triple heater meridians. The triple heater is the lymph system. This makes focusing on your heart even more powerful this time of year. Let your love flow and grow and shine like the sun. Be joyful and let your heart blossom and flourish.

Summer is a great time to get outdoors, be active, be involved, get your toes in the earth and get grounded.


Time to Nourish the Spirit and Calm Your Mind

Fire is symbolic of the maximum activity or greatest yang. Early summer is being out and involved in the world and in nature and living your life fully. All your mental activity,your memory, all your thought processes are a part of this summer energy of the heart. The fire element is also your emotional wellbeing, and your consciousness. This is a time to nourish and bring peace to your spirit, and realize your life’s greatest potential as you find joy in even the smallest things. When you find joy in anything in your life you are increasing joy in your body and in your spirit.


Balancing the Fire Element

Sometimes with great passion and enthusiasm we can over do it. Balance and harmony are so important. Don’t overdo. Don’t spend too much time in the sun. When you are out, be sure to take some breaks in the shade and let your body cool down. Drink plenty of fluids. Eat lighter and avoid heavy, greasy, or overly spicy foods.




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