Qi-Ful Recipes

Lotus Seed & Black Sesame Seed Drink

BENEFITS: This drink is great for the lungs and nurturing of the kidneys

Mung Bean and Tangerine Peel Soup

Master Lin’s Spring Recipe for Detoxifying the Liver

Bean Sprout & Wood Ear Mushroom Stir-Fry

BENEFITS: Strengthening the kidneys and nurturing the lungs

Classic Mung Bean Soup

BENEFITS: This soup cools down the liver and pancreas. It helps take care of the acidic heat from the wetness of the summer. it can be a regular soup or a dessert soup.

American Ginseng and Chinese Dates Tea

BENEFITS: This is good for improving immune function and overall health. It can also be taken daily for recovery after illness.

Recipe for Strengthening Vitality

Benefit: Kidney energy in winter

Healthy Balanced Fried Rice

BENEFITS: Nutritional recipe assisting the body to be vigorous.

Master Lin's Autumn Pear Tea

In this recipe you can use standard pears or Asian pears. Makes 3 Servings.

Pine Nut Pesto

BENEFITS: Pine nuts are good for the digestive system, kidney energy, and also help relieve coughing with mucus.

Soothing Gingery Pumpkin Soup

BENEFITS: Good for keeping your lungs and large intestine healthy.

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