Free Qigong Healing For Our Children


“Children are love and children are our future. We want our children to grow up in love and carry it into the future” ~Master Chunyi Lin




With Hope and Love


When a child is diagnosed with a serious health challenge, not only can the parents find themselves overwhelmed by the physical and emotional demands of caring for their child, but very often, the care of their child also entails additional overwhelming financial demands. Together, these demands can sometimes seem like... too much.


As parents ourselves, Master Lin and the healers in Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center understand. They understand the depth of a parent’s love for their children. They understand the emotional stress of hearing, “Your child has cancer” or “The tests confirm your child has autism.”

That’s why we want to help.







Providing FREE Qigong healing sessions for children who have been diagnosed with cancer or autism







Is my child qualified for Spring Forest Qigong Free Healing Program?


Aged 15 or younger

Past medical diagnosis of cancer or autism

Must available for either in-person or phone Qigong healing sessions.


The Children Free Healing Program includes:


One initial appointments to understand the energy and the energy blockages of the child, follow by 7 healing sessions based on healers' recommended schedule.


Apply Free Healing for Your Child

To receive the benefits of SFQ Free Healing Program for children, you can apply here or simply call us at +1-952-593-5555. There are no hidden fees or catches. This program is available for children worldwide.





How This Work


For decades, Master Lin and his healing staff have worked closely with children and their families, helping to restore their hope for a brighter future. So, they know how many families are searching for anything that will help to heal their children. They also understand that these same families might also be unable to afford the best alternative and complementary treatment they seek.


Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong hold a deep love for children. Quite simply, we believe they are the future. Our healing mission is to give you and your child hope for a brighter future. And that is why we are providing FREE Qigong healing sessions for children who have been diagnosed with cancer or autism. As much as we want to do for the children in the world, our healing staffs' availability are limited. Please contact us simply by calling us at +1-952-593-5555 or simply fill out the form here. We will do our best to accommodate.





Meeting the Healers at the Healing Center





We want to help. Call us at +1-952-593-5555





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