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Certified Instructor Rong Li


Certified Instructor Rong Li

She has been strongly interested in Qigong for many years. She has always dreamt of finding a great Qigong master to follow. Her dream came true when she found Spring Forest Qigong, a simple and powerful system. Master Chunyi Lin’s personal teaching and training has totally changed her life.

“My grandfather was a healer and helped so many people in his lifetime. In my childhood, I observed him heal anyone who came to seek his help. He purchased all kinds of herbs and materials and used them to heal people. He did this solely out of love and compassion, free of charge. My grandfather was a hero and role model for me.”

When Rong was a college teacher in her early 20s, she was very excited to learn that one of her colleagues was very good at Qigong. She begged him to teach her, but he said: “I’m not good enough to teach you. You need to find a very good Qigong master so you can learn Qigong well. If you want to heal yourself, it will take at least 10 years. If you want to help others to heal, it will take 20 or 30 years.”

Rong felt so lucky to prove her colleague wrong. “I started to learn and practice Spring Forest Qigong in 2009. In a very short period of time, I could do healing on myself and others. Master Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong is so simple yet so powerful. Master Lin said: ‘All we need is unconditional love with compassion. We are all born a healer. We all have this love inside of us. It doesn’t matter if you notice it or not, we all have this in our hearts.’ After all these years, I am so happy to start my journey to my heart. I feel so blessed to walk this journey together with all the friends who come to me. I will always concentrate on this.”

Certified Instructor Rong currently works at the Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center, where she was personally trained and chosen by Master Lin as a healer. She has finished all five levels of Qigong training and performed healing at Spring Forest Qigong classes and events. Rong leads the Healing Circle, weekly practice groups at the Center, and the Spring Forest Qigong global healing meditation.





Teaching by Rong Li - Color Healing

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Certified Instructor Rong Li sees private clients in her office or long distance over the phone worldwide.  To request a healing session for Certified Instructor Rong Li's Qigong session, please contact:

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Certified Instructor Rong Li offers live Qigong workshops, Qigong retreats, online teleseminars, and private personal coaching. Click on the button below to view a list of her public teaching events.


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Qigong Instructor Rong Li is available for speaking at conferences, private events, or interview with Media or Press, please contact:


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Client/Student Comments

Have you heard the expression "Sitting at the feet of the Master"? I have, but it was just that an expression, that is, until I met Master Rong Li. She has cultivated a feeling of unconditional love and has proven to be a powerful healer. She vibrates a calming and peaceful energy that wake up your spirit, your body and your mind. During Qi~ssage, I experienced a colorful light show flowing into me. I saw green going to my liver and a pungent smell going out followed by the smell of flowers. The colors of purple and blue and yellow were flowing into me. A bright sun was shinning in my heart, warming every part of my body. Tears flowed and joy flooded my heart. Her voice and spirit triggered long forgotten joy and happiness. I felt changed, eager to learn more and to share with everyone what I experienced during my healing. I have learned to call on her energy as her words of encouragement and peace come to me during meditation or when i face a challenge. I found strength and the ability to radiate that love to others through her guidance and coaching. Her gentle strength is a blessing and her unconditional love reaches hearts and minds throughout the world. With gratitude and thanksgiving, --Annebelle T.

I saw Rong several times at the winter of 2017 - 2018 for healing of my hip and digestive issues. She transformed my energy from chaotic to peaceful balance. It felt miraculous! I requested individual healing sessions with her after practicing qigong with her in group sessions. She possesses gentle, powerful healing energy and techniques. I'm very grateful and the benefits of her healing continue well beyond our meetings. --Elizabeth



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