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Welcome to Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center and to the heart of pure transformation.


For many years, our expert Qigong healers and I have practiced this profound energy medicine that only Qigong can bring. Our Center glows with the highest energy vibration and we are so very grateful for each day that we can raise it higher by healing and loving our clients.


This center is a space for transformation and healing – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are countless miraculous stories that our clients have shared that occurred in our healing center. I encourage you to find inspiration throughout the center. In fact, another miracle has just begun now that you have come to our healing center and committed to your own well-being.


~ Chunyi Lin, the Founder of Spring Forest Qigong ~

The SFQ Healing Center


Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center





SFQ Healing Center Serves Clients Worldwide


Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center Services Clients Worldwide



Most Popular Healing Appointments in the Center


In-Person Qigong Healing Session

Qigong Healers work on balancing yin and yang energy, as well as removing energy blockages so your body's Qi can flow smoothly again. Healing is only a by-product when your body's Qi is flowing smoothly, body's function can be restored.

Contact the Healing Center to set up your appointment.

Distance Phone Healing Session

The Healing Center services clients all over the world through phone connection. Qi has no limitation of time and space. Spring Forest Qigong is extremely effective in healing from a distance, especially when it is done by a master or healer who is doing this everyday!

Contact the Healing Center to set up your appointment.

Meditation Healing Session

This healing is done remotely with no physical or verbal contact. Each day, Master Lin and his advanced Qigong Healers and Master at the Spring Forest Qigong Center will devote their meditation times to work on your loved ones.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...





Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center is About Empowerment



Knowing your story, your needs, and your goals... is part of the personalized, customized approach we integrate with energy medicine using Spring Forest Qigong, Qi~ssage, personal coaching, personal instruction, Healing Circles, Qigong healing movements, and Qigong meditation.


Your direct participation is a key part of your wellness and each personalized program is designed for you.  Whether you are seeking recovery for a newly diagnosed or advanced health condition, or you are an athlete seeking quick recovery and peak performance we support your path to natural healing and recovery as you actively participate in your own healing process.



There is nothing quite like having a Expert Qigong Coach during your healing journey. Questions can arise along the way, and it’s so comforting to know that there is someone there to answer those questions and help clear your body of energy blockages, as you learn to move your own energy.


We also offer three and five day healing packages for those coming to us from out-of-town, state or country. Using simple healing wisdom principles that have been successful for more than five thousand years, we guide and facilitate you and offer the timeless energy medicine healing tools you can use to restore energy, balance, peace and greater joy.





One of the more wonderful things about being connected to Spring Forest Qigong is feeling like you have a whole team of people on your side who are rooting for you. And feeling like you care about them too.
-- Susan L.





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