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Spring Forest Qigong Certification

Through Energy Healing International



After decades of training certified teachers throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, Spring Forest Qigong opened the doors to its school, Energy Healing International in 2017. Energy Healing International is a private school, licensed through the State of Minnesota’s Office of Higher Education, providing professional certification programs for qigong teachers and healing professionals worldwide. 


Our History: How did it all begin? 

After experiencing a complete healing of significant arthritis and sever depression, internationally recognized Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin, spent years training with some of China’s most experienced and renowned qigong masters. While meditating for a month in a cave in China, Master Lin had a vision: “a healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering”. In 1995, this profound vision set him on his path of teaching people the simple, yet powerful healing techniques of Spring Forest Qigong. Through Spring Forest Qigong, over 400,000 people have experienced amazing transformation of physical and emotional challenges. 


Qigong is a Science 

Qigong began and remains a science; it is the study of how the universal consciousness works at its most basic energetic level.  Spring Forest Qigong was developed to be an efficient and effective method for helping people experience optimal health, wellness, spiritual well-being and happiness, while healing physical and emotional pain and enhancing overall quality of life. 

The field of Qigong is rapidly growing and accepted as a respected holistic wellness profession. Whether it is to heal an existing health challenge, or as a preventative measure, in the United States, approximately 4 in 10 adults, and 1 in 9 children (under the age of 18) seek Complementary and Alternative Medicine as part of their personal healthcare program. As people continue to explore and seek a healthy lifestyle, the demand for well-trained teaching and healing professionals continues to rise. 


Our Goal 

Our goal at Energy Healing International is to bring Master Lin’s vision to reality by educating, supporting, and empowering Spring Forest Qigong teachers and healers to share this special form of qigong throughout the world. As it takes many trees to create a forest, it takes many teachers and healers to create a world without pain and suffering. 

Energy Healing International currently offers the following Spring Forest Qigong certification programs: Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Trainer, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer and Spring Forest Qigong Certified Instructor.


Who is a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional? 

Spring Forest Qigong professionals come from all walks of life. Some are professionals working within a healthcare field and others may be in private practice, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and mental health professionals to name a few.  


Why become a Spring Forest Qigong Professional? 

There are many different types of modalities in the field of energy medicine throughout the world. Many are very good programs, and there are some much better than others. At Spring Forest Qigong and Energy Healing International, we believe in the philosophy of Good, Better, Best. We strive to be the BEST educational program for healers and teachers interested in the field of energy medicine.  

When our students successfully complete their certification program, they receive a certification “badge”. This is a badge of honor, respect and integrity. It assures their future students and clients that the Spring Forest Qigong certified professional has successfully completed extensive training and testing in both technical knowledge and ethics, prior to being granted their formal certification through Energy Healing International. 

To be a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional is to be a highly regarded practitioner in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and holistic health. 


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More Qigong Certification Information 

The Path

The Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional Paths

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Career Overview 


Becoming a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional offers a great deal of career flexibility. Your certification can be used as the focus of a private practice or integrated into current professional practices such as massage therapy, chiropractic, nursing, acupuncture, holistic healing, or yoga.

A career in Integrative Health can offer you the ability to practice in a field you love, with a lifestyle that fits you and your needs. You can work independently, or you can choose to use your knowledge and skills in other organizations – the opportunities are many:

  • Private practice designed around your needs
  • Chiropractic, and other medical practitioner office settings
  • Corporate environments
  • Fitness Centers
  • Sports Teams
  • Health Clinics and Hospitals


Benefits of being a Spring Forest Qigong Professional


  • You will be listed as a Certified Professional on the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional World Map
  • You will have access to the “Tools for Success” which includes free easy-to-use marketing tools, such as:
  • Professionally designed brochure templates to advertise your programs
  • Professionally designed business card templates with the Spring Forest Qigong badge and logo
  • Teaching support materials
  • Healing support materials


As a Spring Forest Qigong Trainer or Instructor, you will be provided:


  • Marketing of your classes by Spring Forest Qigong
  • Student Registration for your classes through Spring Forest Qigong
  • Generous Income-sharing for teaching Spring Forest Qigong classes
  • Class evaluations and certificates issued by Spring Forest Qigong


As a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional you will be provided all the support needed to assist you in having a successful career as a qigong healer and/or teaching professional.


Our Staff


Master Chunyi Lin  

Founder of Spring Forest Qigong


Debra Lin

Chief Executive Officer


Master Jaci Gran

Qigong Master, Faculty


Master Gadu Schmitz

Qigong Master, Faculty

Master Glenn Tobey

Qigong Master, Faculty


Master Katrina Tobey

Qigong Master, Faculty


Joseph Frandsen



Patricia Sheveland RN, PCC

Administrative Director, Certified Trainer


General Certification FAQS:


Do I have to take the prerequisite classes in any certain sequence? 

No, you do not have to take the classes in any certain order, however, the classes do build upon each other and the material will make more sense if you follow the class sequence. 


I have been studying and practicing the self-learning materials and have not taken any live classes, do I qualify for the certification training? 

You must attend the LIVE classes with a qualified teacher as outlined in the prerequisite materials for each of the programs to be a candidate for the certification. 


What is the cost of your certification programs compared to other energy healing certification programs such as Reiki or Healing Touch®? 

Spring Forest Qigong and Energy Healing International has taken great care in determining tuition fees for our certification programs to be comparable, and many times lower in cost, than other programs in this industry. You can contact  for more information on cost comparisons. 


How long will it take me to be certified? 

The length of time to become a certified professional with Spring Forest Qigong varies with each program and person. The more advanced the program, the more time it will take. A student could become a Certified Practice Group Leader after attending 3 days of classroom training. The Certified Trainer path typically could take 6 months to complete the prerequisites. The Certified Healer path typically could take 6 – 12 months to complete the prerequisites, and the Certified Instructor requires extensive training that could take 2 years to fulfill the prerequisites.

Please note, our certification programs are self-directed.  The length of time to complete any one of these certifications, is dependent on the time and commitment of each individual student.


I took the prerequisite live training classes many years ago; do they still count? 

Yes, if you can provide documentation to verify your attendance at the required classes, they will count towards the prerequisite requirements. 


Can I use the Certified Professional badge on my business card? 

Yes, when you successfully pass the requirements for that level of certification, you may use the appropriate professional badge on any of your marketing materials. 


Will my information be posted on your certified professional web page? What if I do not want my information posted? 

You are not required to post any information on the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professionals web page if you choose not to. However, if you decide to not be listed as a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional, you will not be able to take advantage of having your classes listed on the Spring Forest Qigong web site. 


I am interested in healing animals: do you have a certification for that? 

We currently have a one-day live animal healing class, or an on-line animal healing self-learning course available. We are working on a certification for animal healing, so please keep an eye on our website for new programs! 


I love using Qi~ssage when working with people: do you have a certificate for it? 

Yes, we do have a Spring Forest Qigong Qi~ssage Healer certification as an add-on specialization for our Certified Healer program beginning in October 2019.  


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