Spring Forest Qigong Certification

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Notice: Spring Forest Qigong is not currently accepting any new applications for any levels of Certification for the year 2024




Two Main Certification Tracks

- Qigong Teacher and Qigong Healer


There are so many different trees in the forest. Everyone is unique and we all have different passion and life purpose than others. Some are more interested in teaching and sharing the message while others are more comfortable in one-on-one healing and coaching others. Our program is designed to fit your personal passion and life purpose. This is why Spring Forest Qigong’s certification program was designed with two tracks: Teaching Professional and Healing Professional.





A Self-Directed Program


It is a program designed for busy people like you. While you juggle your regular profession, family, social life, self-care, and all other things in life, it is difficult to go to school on a regular basis to learn a new skill that will bring you not only more income, also brings you satisfying self-achievement.


Qigong professional certification by Energy Healing International offers flexible learning schedule, so you can learn, practice, and improve your skills while you work toward your well-deserved certification. Because it is a flexible schedule, you can complete the course work at your own pace and take the certification training when you are ready. It works the same way for your finances. The classes and certifications are reasonably priced, and it is basically a pay as you go program where you pay for the classes as you take them. No paying up front for the full program, so you don’t need to worry about burdening your finances. Plus, it is a great return on investment for yourself.





A Genuine Certification from a State Licensed School


Energy Healing International is a Minnesota registered licensed private school. The school has been training Qigong professionals since 2017. Our graduates are backed by a highly ethical and credited professional certification academic system. Unlike some certifications over the internet, your professional certification is recognized by not only Qigong community worldwide, but also recognized by organizations (medical community, government agencies, or private corporations, etc.) throughout the US.





The Benefits of Becoming a Qigong Professional


Help yourself and others heal and teach others to find healing.

Help to end suffering and find happiness in people’s lives.

Qigong is different than other alternative healing modalities because awareness of qigong is rising, and you can become a pioneer in this growing sector of energy healing.

Support yourself and your loved ones financially.

In today’s world, we can find ourselves isolated and lonely. Qigong can help you and your community become more engaged through sharing the amazing benefits of qigong.

As you help others heal, you are continually improving your own health and wellness.

Design your own work schedule supporting your personal priorities.





Why Should You Become a Certified SFQ Qigong Professional?


Your credibility is greatly enhanced by your certification through a licensed, private school in the State of Minnesota, Office of Higher Education.

Achieving an SFQ professional certification provides you with an elevated sense of self-confidence. See yourself in a new light with a greater sense of pride and accomplishment. Celebrate your achievements with Spring Forest Qigong as your cheerleader!

Professional recognition that will set you apart and give you access to agencies and corporations who are looking to partner with highly qualified professionals.

Being a small business owner or solopreneur can be overwhelming. We know you need to wear multiple hats to run your business. Becoming an SFQ qigong professional will provide you with the business support in creating and marketing your professional qigong business.

You are connecting to the Spring Forest Qigong world-wide network of healers and teachers.





Why is Spring Forest Qigong so Passionate About Our Certification Program?


The answer is simple, to fulfill Master Lin’s vision – “A healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.” It is not possible to clone Master Lin; however, the knowledge and the practice of his techniques can be taught with the right type of training. It is based upon his mission of “Teachers teaching teachers teaching teacher’s teachings.” As an SFQ professional, you are helping to train future teachers.


When you become a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional, you are sharing SFQ’s powerful and proven techniques and healing energy with others. In addition, Spring Forest Qigong wants to train highly qualified teachers and healers to preserve the lineage and authenticity of Spring Forest Qigong.



Our Totally Committed Staff


Master Chunyi Lin  

Founder of Spring Forest Qigong


Debra Lin

Chief Executive Officer


Master Jaci Gran

Qigong Master, Faculty



Master Glenn Tobey

Qigong Master, Faculty


Master Katrina Tobey

Qigong Master, Faculty


Joseph Frandsen



Brittany Beck

Administrative Assistant


Download a Certification Portfolio to Start Building Your Qigong Career


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Who should be a certified SFQ Qigong professional?


aPeople who are not feeling as fulfilled as they would like to be in their current employment and are looking for new opportunities to fill that void.

bPeople who are looking for supplemental income doing work that they love.

cPeople who want to integrate more advanced and complementary techniques to their existing healing practice such as: Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners, Yoga Instructors, Massage therapists, meditation teachers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, doctors, herbalists, hypnotherapists, sound healers and other energy healers.

dPeople at a point of life transition such as a stay at home parent whose children are becoming more independent, or those who are moving into semi-retirement.

ePeople working with children such as: teachers, daycare providers, nannies, and special needs professionals.

fBringing a holistic wellness approach as a Sports or Fitness Trainer.






Not Sure Which Certification Path is Right for You? Take a Quiz


More Qigong Certification Information 

The Path

The Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional Paths

Click the image to download


Career Overview 


Becoming a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional offers a great deal of career flexibility. Your certification can be used as the focus of a private practice or integrated into current professional practices such as massage therapy, chiropractic, nursing, acupuncture, holistic healing, or yoga.

A career in Integrative Health can offer you the ability to practice in a field you love, with a lifestyle that fits you and your needs. You can work independently, or you can choose to use your knowledge and skills in other organizations – the opportunities are many:

  • Private practice designed around your needs
  • Chiropractic, and other medical practitioner office settings
  • Corporate environments
  • Fitness Centers
  • Sports Teams
  • Health Clinics and Hospitals


Benefits of being a Spring Forest Qigong Professional


  • You will be listed as a Certified Professional on the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional World Map
  • You will have access to the “Tools for Success” which includes free easy-to-use marketing tools, such as:
  • Professionally designed brochure templates to advertise your programs
  • Professionally designed business card templates with the Spring Forest Qigong badge and logo
  • Teaching support materials
  • Healing support materials


As a Spring Forest Qigong Trainer or Instructor, you will be provided:


  • Marketing of your classes by Spring Forest Qigong
  • Student Registration for your classes through Spring Forest Qigong
  • Generous Income-sharing for teaching Spring Forest Qigong classes
  • Class evaluations and certificates issued by Spring Forest Qigong


As a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional you will be provided all the support needed to assist you in having a successful career as a qigong healer and/or teaching professional.


General Certification FAQS:


Do I have to take the prerequisite classes in any certain sequence? 

No, you do not have to take the classes in any certain order, however, the classes do build upon each other and the material will make more sense if you follow the class sequence. 


I have been studying and practicing the self-learning materials and have not taken any live classes, do I qualify for the certification training? 

You must attend the LIVE classes with a qualified teacher as outlined in the prerequisite materials for each of the programs to be a candidate for the certification. 


What is the cost of your certification programs compared to other energy healing certification programs such as Reiki or Healing Touch®? 

Spring Forest Qigong and Energy Healing International has taken great care in determining tuition fees for our certification programs to be comparable, and many times lower in cost, than other programs in this industry. You can contact  for more information on cost comparisons. 


How long will it take me to be certified? 

The length of time to become a certified professional with Spring Forest Qigong varies with each program and person. The more advanced the program, the more time it will take. A student could become a Certified Practice Group Leader after attending 3 days of classroom training. The Certified Trainer path typically could take 6 months to complete the prerequisites. The Certified Healer path typically could take 6 – 12 months to complete the prerequisites, and the Certified Instructor requires extensive training that could take 2 years to fulfill the prerequisites.

Please note, our certification programs are self-directed.  The length of time to complete any one of these certifications, is dependent on the time and commitment of each individual student.


I took the prerequisite live training classes many years ago; do they still count? 

Yes, if you can provide documentation to verify your attendance at the required classes, they will count towards the prerequisite requirements. 


Can I use the Certified Professional badge on my business card? 

Yes, when you successfully pass the requirements for that level of certification, you may use the appropriate professional badge on any of your marketing materials. 


Will my information be posted on your certified professional web page? What if I do not want my information posted? 

You are not required to post any information on the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professionals web page if you choose not to. However, if you decide to not be listed as a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional, you will not be able to take advantage of having your classes listed on the Spring Forest Qigong web site. 


I am interested in healing animals: do you have a certification for that? 

We currently have a one-day live animal healing class, or an on-line animal healing self-learning course available. We are working on a certification for animal healing, so please keep an eye on our website for new programs! 


I love using Qi~ssage when working with people: do you have a certificate for it? 

Yes, we do have a Spring Forest Qigong Qi~ssage Healer certification as an add-on specialization for our Certified Healer program coming soon.  




More Qigong Certifications 


Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader

Certified Practice Group Leader

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This is the first level of our certification pathway and is geared to those who want more training to reach a greater audience.

Certified Qigong Trainer

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Those who become certified are authorized to teach Spring Forest Qigong Level One for Health.

Spring Forest Qigong Certified Qigong Healer

Certified Qigong Healer

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You know you have the gift of healing. Let Spring Forest Qigong help you unleash your true healing potential with the Certified Healer Program.

Spring Forest Qigong Certified Qigong Instructor

Certified Qigong Instructor

Learn More

This the highest level of teaching certification available through Spring Forest Qigong. Those with this certification may teach Spring Forest Qigong Level One, Level Two, and Level Three.


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