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Spring Forest Qigong Certification

Hello and welcome to Spring Forest Qigong Certification. Here you can find information pertaining to certification for the Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Level 1 Trainer, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer and Spring Forest Qigong Certified Instructor programs. Our goal for our various certification programs is to empower Qigong teachers and healers throughout the world, and help you fulfill your desired path with one of China's most ancient and powerful practices.


Why become Certified in Spring Forest Qigong?

The field of Qigong is a rapidly growing and accepted as a respected holistic wellness profession. In the U.S., approximately 4 in 10 people seek Complementary and Alternative Medicine as part of their personal healthcare program or recovery. As people continue to explore a healthy lifestyle, the demand for well-trained practitioners and instructors will rise as well.

Spring Forest Qigong was developed by Master Chunyi Lin, an internationally renowned Qigong Master. Master Chunyi Lin has been teaching and empowering individuals in this healing technique since 1995 to fulfill its vision of a healer in every home, and a world without pain and suffering.



Qigong is A Science That Studies How the Universal Consciousness Works

Qigong began and remains a science; it is the study of how the universal consciousness works at its most basic energetic level. Spring Forest Qigong was developed to be an efficient and effective method for helping people experience optimal health, wellness, spiritual well-being and happiness, while healing physical and emotional pain and enhancing quality of life.


A Lifestyle That Suits You

Becoming a Qigong professional offers a great deal of career flexibility and can be used as the focus of a private practice, or integrated into current practices such as massage therapy, chiropractic, nursing, acupuncture, holistic healing, and yoga. A career in Integrative Health offers a job you love with a lifestyle that suits you:

Private practice designed around your needs
• Chiropractic, and other medical practitioner office
• Corporate settings
• Fitness centers
• Sport Teams
• Clinics, Hospitals
• Spring Forest Qigong offers several levels of certification:

Click on the above images to learn more about each type of certification. Click on the below images to learn more about CE credits and CE requirements.


General Certification FAQS:


Do I have to take the prerequisite classes in sequence?

No. However, the material will make much more sense if you build on the knowledge you learned in the class before.


I have been study the self-learning materials and have not taken any live classes, do I qualify for the certification training?

You must do the prerequisites before you qualify for certification, which means doing live classes.


Can I use the Certified Professional badge on my business card?
Yes, when you pass the requirements for that level of certification, you may use the Professional badge on any of your marketing materials.

Will my information be posted on your certified professional web page? What if I don't want it to be posted?
You are not required to post any information if you feel uncomfortable doing so. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the SFQ website listing of classes.


I took the pre-requisite live classes long time ago; do they still count?
Yes, they still count.


I am interested in healing animals; do you have a certification for that?
Currently, we have a one day Animal Healing class. We will be working on a certification for it, so watch the website!


I love working with people using Qi~ssage, do you have a certification for that?
We do not have a specific Qi~ssage certification. Currently, certification would be through our Certified Healer Program. However, Qi~ssage certification is one of the most requested programs from our professional therapists. We are looking at developing that program.

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