Why become a Certified Practice Group Leader?


Whether you are interested in expanding your own practice by doing it with others, or you want to take your certification to the highest levels, becoming a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader is your first step. 

As the first level of our certification pathway, the Practice Group Leader certification is geared to those who want to share Spring Forest Qigong with their community. It is also the prerequisite program for our more advanced programs: Spring Forest Qigong Certified Trainer, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer, and the most advanced level, the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Instructor. 





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"Applicants must first complete the Level 1 & Level 2 classes with a certified teacher, and purchase the 5 Elements self-study course before they can become a CPGL."


“Holding this certification has helped me commit to consistency in my own practice. It also lends credibility which inspires confidence in me as a group leader, and in my group participants. It is so rewarding to experience the positive responses group participants immediately have to SFQ. As a Certified Practice Group Leader your groups can be literally put on the map through the SFQ website so others can find you. Best of all, when you become an SFQ Certified Practice Group Leader, you are not alone! I have always experienced the SFQ organization as incredibly generous, giving more value than even expected. This certainly has extended to the support and resources I have received as a certified SFQ professional, including marketing tools and ideas, wonderful content to help with structuring practice groups, and ongoing support by staff who promptly answer questions and concerns. I feel privileged to help share the SFQ vision.”

Fran Friedman, Certified Practice Group Leader





Benefits of Becoming a Certified Practice Group Leader:


You will be listed as a Certified Practice Group Leader on the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional World Map.

You will have access to the “Toolbox for Success" which includes:

- Templates for making beautiful, professionally-designed brochures to market your practice groups

- A quality business card template with the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader Badge

- A Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Successful Practice Group

- Group Leader materials including:

*Best practices from other Group Leaders

*Topic guideline content (in PDF format) for 24 sessions, so you can run your practice groups with confidence

*Training E-Book

*Guided Meditation scripts

*Group Session tools


Inside the Toolbox for Success:






Download the Certified Practice Group Leader Portfolio and Start Building Your Qigong Career Today


This is the first step to start your Qigong teaching career.

This portfolio will help you understand the certification requirements and help you manage your progress.





Certified Practice Group Leader Details



Complete Certification Path


The application process is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Fill Out a Short Application


After registering the Online Training Program, you will receive an email requesting you to fill out a short online application.


Review the Online Certification Training Materials


You can now access the training materials online by logging in to SFQ website. You will have 30 days to complete the training.

Complete the Online Certification Ethics and Knowledge Exams


You can take the tests as many times as needed to achieve a passing score.




After completing the online training program and successfully passing the Certified Teaching Ethics exam, and the Certified Qigong Practice Group Leader Knowledge Exam, you will officially be a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Qigong Practice Group Leader and your certificate (in pdf. Format) will be available for download! 




All Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professionals are required to uphold the highest standards of ethics and behavior.


Spring Forest Qigong reserves the right to revoke any certification if a Certified Professional takes actions that reflect unfavorably on Spring Forest Qigong and/or engages in unlicensed use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name and Spring Forest Qigong copyrighted material anywhere in the world. If you are unsure of the appropriate use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name, please contact .


If you believe a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional has exhibited unethical behavior, please contact . To report suspected unlicensed use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name, please email to: .


At Spring Forest Qigong, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We expect our certified professionals to clearly understand and act with the ethical standards of Spring Forest Qigong practice as they serve their clients and students. 


You will be required to take and pass an annual on-line Ethics exam to maintain your certification. This exam is at no cost to you.



Healer Candidates will be responsible for researching and complying with individual State and Local laws. Candidates are also responsible to research and obtain liability waivers and insurance as needed.

Certified Practice Group Leader FAQ


How long do I have to complete the online training and exams?

There is a 30-day window to complete the online training and exams, after your application has been submitted and approved.

Do I have to have a practice group in order to take the certified practice group leader training?

You are not required to have a practice group prior to your training as a Certified Practice Group Leader.

Do I have to run a practice group after I am certified?

You are not required to run a practice group. It is up to you how you want to utilize your certification as a Certified Practice Group Leader. However, if you are interested in advancing to becoming a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Trainer, or Certified Healer, you will need to have documented 30 hours of leading practice groups as a prerequisite for those programs.

I run practice groups, do I have to get certified?

No, you do not have to be certified, anyone can share Spring Forest Qigong.  However, there are many benefits in becoming a Certified Practice Group Leader.  With the support of Spring Forest Qigong's tools and resources, you will have increased visibility in the community, enhance your effectiveness as a teacher, be recognized as a certified professional, and your group members will leave feeling more energized.

How long is my certification good for?

You will be required to complete an annual online ethics review to maintain your certification in good standing. If this is not completed each year, your CPGL certification will be suspended.

I am certified as a practice group leader, can I teach a Spring Forest Qigong class?

In order to teach a qualified Spring Forest Qigong class that is recognized by Energy Healing International, you will need to be a Certified Trainer or Certified Instructor.  We encourage you to advance your Spring Forest Qigong certification.

Where can I find support for running my practice groups?

Once you become certified you will have access to the “Toolbox for Success” which contains a wealth of information and best practices for you to use. You will also be invited to join the Certified Professionals Facebook group where you can communicate with other Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professionals - share ideas, ask questions, learn from each other, etc.

Can I charge for my practice groups?

Yes, once you are certified you may charge for your groups. Prices are determined by you. This information is covered in the online training. 

What can I share in my practice group?

We encourage our Certified Practice Group Leaders to share all aspects of Spring Forest Qigong that you are experienced with. While there are many forms of healing, your practice group should stay focused on the learning and practicing of Spring Forest Qigong techniques and not incorporating any other practices. 

I took Level 1 or 2 home-study course, does that satisfy the pre-requisite for this certification training?

While you can benefit greatly from SFQ home-study courses, to be a certified professional, we honor the ancient Qigong teaching of energy transmission from the teacher to student, therefore, live classes are required for SFQ Level 1 and Level 2.




Other Certified Practice Group Leaders are saying:


“I became a Practice Group Leader in order to make certain I was maximizing the quality of my teaching… I am honored to be a SFQ Practice Group leader”. (HG NY)

“I chose to become a SFQ certified practice group leader because I understand anything I teach more thoroughly when I teach it.  I also find that I learn best when I practice with others and consistently.  I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I am learning.  Leading SFQ practice groups on a regular basis and practicing with others is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things that I do.” (JW MN)

“I became a Certified instructor for practice group because it gives you accountability and professionalism to share with your students. That credential that say you really did study and work to become the best you can be for their benefit as well as your own” (RS MN)


“I chose to become certified for a number of reasons. First, having a certification gave me a bit of credibility in case I wanted to take SFQ practice into someplace like a nursing home or school. Second, the certification process and toolbox for success gave me tips and tools to add value to my practice sessions. Third, it was another way for me to commit myself to SFQ. Any time I can make a commitment to someone or something outside myself, I also make a commitment to myself. That makes me a better practitioner.” (LW MN)

“I became a practice group leader because I love Spring Forest Qigong so much that I want to share this wonderful information with others. I also have health issues and am trying to heal. Leading a group takes healing to a much higher level.” (NN TX)


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