Why become a Certified Qigong Practice Group Leader?


Whether you are interested in expanding your own practice by doing it with others, or you want to become a Qigong Expert by take your certification to the highest levels, becoming a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader is your first step. 

As the first level of our Qigong certification pathway, the Practice Group Leader certification is geared to those who want to share Spring Forest Qigong with their community. It is also the prerequisite program for our more advanced programs: Spring Forest Qigong Certified Trainer, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer, and the most advanced level, the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Instructor. 







To begin this online training to become a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Practice Group Leader, you must complete the following pre-requisites.


01Successfully completed Spring Forest Qigong Level One- Qi Activation with a Qualified Teacher*.

02Successfully completed Spring Forest Qigong Level Two- Qigong for Healers with a Qualified Teacher*.

*Qualified Teacher is an active SFQ Certified Trainer or Certified Instructor.

Starting on January 1, 2022, only the new SFQ curriculum introduced in Summer 2021 will be accepted for certification.

“Holding this certification has helped me commit to consistency in my own practice. It also lends credibility which inspires confidence in me as a group leader, and in my group participants. It is so rewarding to experience the positive responses group participants immediately have to SFQ. As a Certified Practice Group Leader your groups can be literally put on the map through the SFQ website so others can find you. Best of all, when you become an SFQ Certified Practice Group Leader, you are not alone! I have always experienced the SFQ organization as incredibly generous, giving more value than even expected. This certainly has extended to the support and resources I have received as a certified SFQ professional, including marketing tools and ideas, wonderful content to help with structuring practice groups, and ongoing support by staff who promptly answer questions and concerns. I feel privileged to help share the SFQ vision.”

Fran Friedman, Certified Practice Group Leader





Benefits of Becoming a Certified Practice Group Leader


You will be listed as a Certified Practice Group Leader on the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional World Map.

You will have access to the “Toolbox for Success" which includes practice group session support, marketing support.

Exclusive discounts on Master Of Qi Annual Conference.



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Applicants must first complete the Level One Qi Activation and Level Two For Healers trainings with a certified teacher before they can become a CPGL.


What's in the Toolbox for Success





Download the Certified Practice Group Leader Portfolio and Start Building Your Qigong Career Today


This is the first step to start your Qigong teaching career.

This portfolio will help you understand the certification requirements and help you manage your progress.





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