The Heart of Winter Energy - A Special Date!


This month, the transition from fall to winter energy has been completed. Winter energy has completely taken over.

On the Chinese calendar December 21st is a very important day. December 21st is the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It is the day that winter energy reaches its peak. It is the day that Yin energy reaches its peak as well. Winter energy will stay in charge for many weeks to come but on December 21st winter energy is at its strongest. After that date the long, slow, transition to the energy of spring has begun.

On December 21st, what you do is make something hot for yourself – hot chocolate – hot mint tea – sweet ginger tea – with ginger root – very nurturing for your system – something hot and sweet. Perhaps you will want to eat sweet rice or something like that but eat or drink something that is sweet and also warm or hot that day. This is very helpful in really getting your energy grounded.

Chinese medicine says that on that day, December 21, if you can eat or drink something sweet and hot it will help you get through the months of winter energy dominance much better, with fewer colds or other winter illnesses. Chinese medicine also advises you not to drink too many cold things this time of year and to keep your body warm. When you go outside keep your feet and head warm for the protection of the vitality of your body so that when spring comes your health is much better.




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