FREE Global Access to Deep Transformation

Deep Transformation Meditation focused on Healing. Happening every Monday evening at 8:00PM US Central Time, and led by our most experienced healers, it is a 30-minute guided Qigong healing designed to take you deeper into yourself for deep healing and transformation. We invite those who need healing to join us in a free session every month.



Monday, December 18th at 8:00 PM US Central Time

  The next Deep Transformation Healing Meditation begins on Monday, December 18th at 8:00 PM US Central Time


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Last Month's Free Deep Transformation Meditation



Join the Collective Consciousness


Monday, November 20th at 8:00 PM US Central Time



Send FREE Healing Sessions Directly to My Inbox





A part of our Qi Circle - A Global Qigong Gathering


An ongoing online opportunity for Qigong practice, guided by an expert Qigong healer and teacher each time.

Designed to empower you, support your healing, help you truly embody the wisdom of Spring Forest Qigong, and create a Qi-filled lifestyle.




What is Qi Circle?

Qi Circle is a community that values actual Qigong practice and sharing of love. Led by our healers, the objective is to help you build up your Qi by providing a consistent support to your Qigong practice and healing.


Healing Circle

LIVE on Zoom: Qigong movement, meditation, and healing

Get into a momentum of continuous refinement of Qi.

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 12:00 PM US Central Time

Deep Transformation Meditation

Go deeper into yourself for a deep harvesting of your healing Qi

Every Monday 8:00 PM US Central Time


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Join body and mind, stillness and movement.

Qi is a way of cultivating and harmonizing internal energy for healing, happiness, and spiritual growth.


One side of that is movement – the Healing Circle.

The other side of that is stillness – the Deep Transformation Meditation.

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