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It All Starts When I Say Yes.

Spring Forest Qigong Masters answering a question - Why I become a healer.

Setting Yourself Apart

"Energetically, logistically and content-wise, I felt totally supported. It was wonderful to be amongst such an august class of colleagues! Healers with such a wide array of experience and wisdom in SFQ. The fact that we have an Ethics Manual and exam makes me feel so proud of being part of SFQ. I was overblown by the "finding your personal brand" section of the program, it was a wonderful soul-searching dive into one's own purpose and uniqueness as a healer. The teachers were fantastic and the added bonus of a complete package to support me in positioning myself as a SFQ Certified Healer was the cherry on top! "
- Hector Campero, SFQ Certified Healer





A Gifted Healer


Is your life purpose and destiny to help others? Do you have a clear spiritual path?


As a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer, you are considered the hands and heart of Spring Forest Qigong.

Using ancient Qigong techniques to balance energy in the mind and body, some people call this medical Qigong or external Qigong, which means using Qigong to help others heal.

You are a compassionate healer serving your community and making a difference in the world. As a highly regarded professional, your certification is a symbol of integrity and credibility, and lets the world know you are held to the highest standards.

You know you have the gift of healing. Let Spring Forest Qigong help you unleash your true healing potential with the Certified Healer Program.





Benefits of Becoming An Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer


aMastering your abilities and developing pure confidence: With in-depth Qigong study, this program will help deepen your abilities as a Healer, so that you can go into your healing sessions assured of the difference you’re about to make in someone’s life.


bBe financially rewarded doing work that spiritually fulfils you: Discover how healing others from a place of passion may help improve your financial life. Spreading health and wellness can be an immensely satisfying job (similar to a doctor, nurse, or massage therapist.)

cTeach and coach clients how to take control of their healing journey: With SFQ, anyone can learn to heal themselves. Help people who suffer with pain take an active role in their health and wellness.


dBe a trusted professional with an SFQ Certification: Whether it’s to compliment your existing credentials or to prove credibility and mastery of Spring Forest Qigong, a certification gives your Qigong practice a polished level of professionalism. Your credibility is greatly enhanced by certification through a licensed private school through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.





Certified Qigong Instructor Misa Tsuyoshi In this training I felt empowered by learning the practical "how to's" in both healing and business aspects. The biggest gift I would like to mention was the mental guidance that helped me to be a healer I am. The following are the couple of many wonderful words I received.

"You don't feel lonely anymore. You will not get lost. Activate the Unconditional Love. Help the community. Bring the message to the world. Wake people's masters within." (Master Lin)
"To be a better healer-Be yourself. Be YOU. Open your heart to YOURSELF. Discover the wisdom of your life. Use your unique gifts. Being open to unlimited. Letting go of the outcome.Your biggest challenge is the biggest value/gift." (Master Jaci)
"Live your life as a Qigong Practice."(Master Gadu)

- Misa Tsuyoshi, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Trainer, Healer, and Instructor





A Healing Practice That Stands Out


The signature of Spring Forest Qigong is everyone is born a healer. As a certified Healer, you are empowering your clients and helping to awaken their healer within. Drawing your power from unconditional love, you are helping your clients heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually simultaneously. As you cultivate energy to support your client, you are also helping yourself heal.

Spring Forest Qigong is simple to practice, regardless of age or physical condition and it is a fully inclusive philosophy, with no restrictions to any religion or culture. Spring Forest Qigong is also complementary, by working alongside traditional western medicine.





SFQ is Fully Committed to You


Help you develop your own healing business model: You’ll receive client forms and empowerment handouts, for in-person and distance healing.


Healer Development Tools to expand your Qigong knowledge and healing practice: Connection with other SFQ professionals through the private Facebook group, in addition to ongoing educational opportunities through SFQ.

Enhance your visibility: Be featured at live events as a healer or speaker. You can also showcase your healing stories in our monthly newsletter and on our website.


Untangle marketing confusions with access to the Certified Healer Toolbox for Success. You’ll receive state of the art marketing brochure and business card templates.





Download Certified Healer Portfolio and Start Building Your Qigong Career







Certified Qigong Healer Tom Sanderlin The Healer Certification Class has been a coming together of everything I have ever learned about healing personally and professionally. It also marked a new beginning, promoted confidence and expanded my vision of how to better apply this healing art to my daily life and to the future. Thank you to the staff and to my class mates for making this a wonderful learning experience.
- Tom Sanderlin, SFQ Certified Trainer and Certified Healer





The Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional Paths

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Certified Healer Details




  • Practice Spring Forest Qigong for 30-60 minutes a day
  • Keep daily journal describing personal growth through Spring Forest Qigong practice, meditation, practice group, and performing healing.
  • Submit a completed portfolio that includes:

- Documentation of 30 hours as a practice group leader

- Practicum of documented results/testimonials for a total of 90 Spring Forest Qigong healing sessions

Breakdown of sessions:

- 60 Qigong sessions in person on 40 different individuals.

- 30 distance healing sessions.

- Students must include the following in their portfolio:

- 10 healing session with feedback form signed by person who received the healing

- 3 case studies that involve working with a person for 3 or more sessions and determining outcome from those sessions.

  • Completed Healer's Ethics exam (must pass online exam with a score of 100%)
  • Able to apply the techniques in the Head to Toe Healing: Your Body's Repair Manual Book
  • Read Born A Healer by Lin, C., & Rebstock, G. (2003).



  • After completing all the prerequisites and portfolio, then students must attend all certification class sessions.



  • Certified Healer must re-certify every four (4) years by attending one (1) Annual Conference during four (4) year certification period, and the 2-day recertification class.
  • Every four (4) years, Certified Healer must satisfy the continuing education minimum requirement of 7 Spring Forest Qigong credits.
  • Must complete and pass annual Teaching Ethics exam
  • Must complete and pass annual Healer Ethics exam



  1. Be a Certified Practice Group Leader
  2. Has completed a minimum of thirty (30) hours leading a practice group (self-documented)
  3. Spring Forest Qigong Level Three for Advanced Healing live training with a qualified instructor (in-person or online)
  4. Qi~ssage live training with a qualified instructor or Qi~ssage Self-Study Course
  5. SFQ Level 4 Meditation Retreat with Master Chunyi Lin

After you have completed the pre-requisites, you can submit your application for entrance into the Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer program.

Once we receive your application, we will verify that you have met the prerequisites. If all prerequisites have been completed, you will receive another email from us with further instructions to access the pre-training learning materials and online exams.

If you have not met the prerequisites, you will receive an email informing you of what further action is needed from you.

Certified Healer FAQs


I am not interested in teaching, I only want to work on helping people heal, do I have to become a certified practice group leader or certified trainer?

You must be a Certified Practice Group Leader and have documented 30 hours as a practice group leader as a pre-requisite for the Certified Healer program.


I am still building my portfolio, can I take the certification training class without a complete portfolio?

No. All pre-requisites need to be completed prior to attending the certification class.


Do I have to have my portfolio complete before I register for the class?

You can register for the Certified Healer class without having your healing portfolio complete. In fact, it is recommended to register for the certification class several months in advance to review pre-training materials and complete pre-training exams. The deadline for registering for the class is one month prior to class start date. The deadline for submitting the healing portfolio is no later than two weeks before the class start date.


What is a case study that is mentioned in the portfolio?

A case study involves working with a client for more than 3 sessions and determining the outcome of those sessions on the health improvement of the client from a subjective and objective view. You will be supplied forms to fill out.


Can I teach Spring Forest Qigong if I am certified as a Healer?

No, you cannot teach until you have earned the certification to do so.


Can you promote me as a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer?

Your name, location and biography will be listed on the site.


If I start my own business as a Qigong healer, what kind of support do I get from Spring Forest Qigong?

Listed biography on Spring Forest Qigong website so people in your area can find you.

  • Access to Certified Healer Toolbox, including: o Set of easy-to-use marketing tools, including:
  • Marketing brochure templates for your business
  • Business card template o Certified Healer Administrative tools and documents
  • New Client Information Handout
  • Self-Empowerment Recommendations to Clients
  • Sample Client Bill of Rights
  • Client Progress Note handout
  • Qigong Healing Session check list
  • Wholesale discount price on Spring Forest Qigong brand learning materials
  • Client Self-Healing Tools o Healer Development Tools

Do I become a Spring Forest Qigong employee or contractor if I am listed on your website as a certified healer?

No, you do not.


How much should I charge for my healing sessions?

That is up to you. It depends on your market, your expertise, and the other work you do.


How long is my certification good for?

Certifications last for four (4) years.


What is the re-certification process?

  • Certified Healer must re-certify every four (4) years by attending one (1) Annual Conference during four (4) year certification period, and the 2-day recertification class.
  • Every four (4) years, Certified Healer must satisfy the continuing education minimum requirement of 7 Spring Forest Qigong credits.
  • Must complete and pass annual Teaching Ethics exam * Must complete and pass annual Healer Ethics exam.


If my certification lapses, do I have to start over?

No, but you must take the Certified Healer Certification class again.


Do I have to have a 4 year college degree?

No, you do not need a 4-year college degree to become a Certified Healer.


Why do I have to take the level 4 retreat, since I learn how to help people heal in Level 2?

The Level Four Retreat is for deepening your healing ability and skills.  You will gain so much for your own personal and spiritual growth. SFQ believes it is very important for everyone to continue on the path of self-understanding and connection with the Universe.







All Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professionals are required to uphold the highest standards of ethics and behavior.


Spring Forest Qigong reserves the right to revoke any certification if a Certified Professional takes actions that reflect unfavorably on Spring Forest Qigong and/or engages in unlicensed use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name and Spring Forest Qigong copyrighted material anywhere in the world. If you are unsure of the appropriate use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name, please contact .


If you believe a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional has exhibited unethical behavior, please contact . To report suspected unlicensed use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name, please email to: .


At Spring Forest Qigong, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We expect our certified professionals to clearly understand and act with the ethical standards of Spring Forest Qigong practice as they serve their clients and students. 


You will be required to take and pass an annual on-line Ethics exam to maintain your certification. This exam is at no cost to you.



Healer Candidates will be responsible for researching and complying with individual State and Local laws. Candidates are also responsible to research and obtain liability waivers and insurance as needed.


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