Client Testimonials*

Below is a selection of testimonials from people all over the world practicing and healing with Spring Forest Qigong.

Healing Yourself 


Allergies - Seasonal Allergies [excerpt] "I've tried different medicines. They gave relief but didn't cure me. This season I've lived allergy free and I credit it to the [Spring Forest Qigong] Active Exercises I've been doing [for the past six months]. I didn't take even one pill. Since there weren't any other changes in my lifestyle, diet, or anything, I credit the [SFQ] active exercise. Channels were cleared, immune system adjusted and here I am, happy and allergy free." - Aleksander Nechayev, Brooklyn, NY

Arthritis Norman Axe has been studying karate for some forty years and teaching it nearly as long. Several years ago, he developed severe pain in his right shoulder. The doctor took an x-ray and told him, "You have arthritis in your shoulder, and you have no cartilage." The doctor didn't offer any hope, so Norman looked into alternatives. He heard about Chunyi Lin, ordered the Spring Forest Qigong home study courses, and started doing the exercises and healing techniques for his shoulder. "I was breathing into the shoulder and seeing the pain turn to air or smoke each night before I went to sleep, and it got better and better and better. I went back to the doctor months later and showed him the improvement. He said, ‘There is no way you should be able to do what you're doing. You should be in excruciating pain. I can't explain how you can do it, but whatever you're doing, don't stop.'" "I'm 76 years old. I have to thank qigong and Master Chunyi Lin. I'm so excited about what he has done for me. I hear a lot of stories about everybody else, but I know what he has done for me, and I am just thrilled." - Norman Axe, ~Wynnewood, PA

Brain Stem Bleeding [excerpt] "Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest have had an amazing impact on my life. It's given me a way to live life more fully, happier. To me it's a God send. The practice of Qigong is something everyone can benefit from. Once you have had an experience with Qigong you want to keep it a part of your life" - Sue Sivula, ~Maple Grove, MN




~Hammond, WI Kathy Beltrame was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma four years ago in 2007. Her doctor told her they needed to operate and scheduled the surgery. Shortly after that one of Kathy's clients came to her and said, "I'm supposed late reading the book and realized, "This is what I've been looking for." Her client had also given Kathy the Level 1 SFQ video and she started doing the Active Exercises. She went ahead with the surgery as planned and went on to study Level 1 and Level 2 Spring Forest Qigong and practiced daily. Kathy says she healed very quickly and has been cancer free for four years now. Kathy says the big surprise for her was the emotional benefit of her SFQ practice. When she went back to her oncologist for her 2 year check-up Kathy says he said to her, "I remember you. I made a note that you are so joyful." Kathy says that was such a surprise because she was not joyful most of her life. She is now and Kathy says she has been blessed to find Spring Forest Qigong and Master Chunyi Lin.

Breast Cancer Stage 4 [excerpt] "I rejected conventional cancer treatments from your classically trained oncologists because they didn't work the first time. This time it was my life that hung in the balance and I was resolved to find alternative measures to find healing. And, fast forward, after six, seven months of both medical treatments and visiting with Master Lin in the Spring Forest Qigong Center I am completely healed. My cancer's gone. My doctors call me a ‘walking miracle'." - Karyn Huemoeller, ~Hastings, MN

Lymphoma - Stage 4 [excerpt] "I was very ill. The last two hospitalizations I didn't think I was going to live. I really felt I was going to leave this body and move on. [Chunyi's] imagery of the butterflies was the first time I could actually see the cancer cells leave my body. It was the perfect imagery for me. I sincerely feel the first time I heard that I let go my cancer cells. So much so that I had a Pet scan a week ago and all the cancer does not show. I know it's the qigong that's helped me, that's made the difference." - Jacqueline Valone, ~College Park, MD

Chronic Pain - Neck injury [excerpt] "I was in a lot of pain. I had a very serious neck injury. At that time I could barely move my neck. I had a severe disc injury. I couldn't turn my head at all to the side, not up or down, and I was in a lot of pain. It was impacting my life very, very severely. Doctors wanted to do a four level fusion on my neck. I started going to the [Spring Forest] Center ... and practicing every day. I never did end up having the surgery. Qigong really has been a miracle cure for me." - Nicole Robbins, ~W. Lakeland, MN

Fibromyalgia –Spring Forest Qigong Healing Sessions Help Her Sleep

Ruth Staus, RN, PhD, is a nurse practitioner. Every Wednesday night she volunteers to provide medical services for low-income people as part of a project called Love Grows Here at First Lutheran Church in St. Paul , MN . Several members of the Spring Forest Qigong International Guild ReachOut team, including Norma Solstad, also volunteer at Love Grows Here providing SFQ healing sessions. Ruth signed up for a qigong session. Had a good experience with the first one and kept signing up every week. Ruth has fibromyalgia and one of the challenges that come with that disease is difficulty sleeping. "Fibromyalgia patients are missing delta wave sleep and that's the sleep that makes you feel restored in the morning and we don't have that. I actually sleep quite well on Wednesday night's after I've had the qigong. It's my little treat for myself." Ruth says she's also developed a strong connection with Norma. "I can actually feel her energy." [At the end of Ruth's interview you can watch an edited version of Norma's SFQ healing session for Ruth. The video was shortened due to time limitations.] - Ruth Staus, ~Maplewood, MN 

Insomnia [excerpt] "I hadn't had a decent night's sleep in several years-- probably close to ten years. I was frustrated and looked for lots of different answers. Finally, when I came to Master Lin's Spring Forest Qigong, I said, ‘That sounds right.' It resonated with me." - Nancy Robbins, ~Vail, CO

Multiple Sclerosis [excerpt] "It [Spring Forest Qigong] gave me my life back. It's been everything for me. So impactful and so important. It certainly was a huge paradigm shift for me. I didn't know anything about energy healing at all. I would certainly say that it's worth checking out. It's been amazing." - Betsy Burns, ~San Diego, CA 

Mental Clarity [excerpt] "Somehow the mental clarity I've been getting from qigong practice and the opening of my heart so I can interact better with the other people and give something valuable to them that combination has been really powerful. The last two years I've been probably doing my best work of my whole life." - Peter Denning, ~Salinas, CA

Migraine Headaches Trained in physics and engineering, Julia Froemke found it difficult to accept the concepts of energy healing. But, finding no western treatments that could relieve her migraine headaches and severe allergies she decided to explore alternative medicine techniques. Even then Julia says it wasn't until she learned Spring Forest Qigong that she found the relief and healing she had been seeking for so many years. - Julia Froemke, ~Lindstrom, MN

Macular Degeneration [excerpt] "I had macular degeneration and at a visit to the doctor he told me it had turned wet and that it was quite severe and that it looked like I was going to lose my vision. He wanted to inject my eye with medication and I asked him to give me 2 months. And he asked me to check the grid everyday because he suspected I could lose my vision any day. During this 2 months I practiced a qigong exercise and used visualization. I visualized the m d leaving. I'd also seen the x-ray showing the color of the macular degeneration and I saw that going away and the clear eye. When I went back in 2 months and the wet macular degeneration was gone. So, then he wanted to see me in 3 months. I continued to do these exercises only the visualization. I visualized him telling me all the macular degeneration was gone. In 3 months when I went back all the macular degeneration was gone." - Mary Grayson, ~Pickford, MI

Pain - From Accident [excerpt] "Four years ago I fell off a log and shattered my leg in lots of places and it broke in the knee joint, too. The osteo doctor I went to said, "Oh, you're going to have debilitating arthritis. You're going to need a knee replacement within five years. I kind of put out into the universe that I needed help healing my leg and Spring Forest Qigong ended up on my email. I learned about Chunyi through that. I ordered the CDs, Level One and Two and I did those and after four months I had to re-learn to walk again but the qigong helped me tremendously and it turns out that my leg healed perfectly. That joint line is flawless and there isn't anything that I can't do now that I could do before. And, in fact, I'm in better shape now that I've been in probably 25 years." - Carol Stotts ,~ Santa Barbara, CA

Parkinson's Disease Charlie Blanchard was suffering from Parkinson's disease, lost his job and was sinking ever deeper into major depression when he first learned of Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong. Charlie says that's where his healing began. Through Chunyi and Spring Forest Charlie found new hope and his depression disappeared. His body began to heal and he opened his heart and mind to all the possibilities the universe holds. Then, he found a new doctor with a new plan. Charlie credits all three, Chunyi, Spring Forest and his new doctor for transforming his health and life. - Charlie Blanchard, ~Minneapolis, MN

Helping Others Heal


Assisting a Stage Performer A friend of Byron Gaskins is a choreographer and performer with the dance group from Dr. Michael Beckwith's Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. They were performing at a conference in Atlanta when Byron's friend, Dawn, became ill but went out on stage as scheduled. "I was sitting stage side so I had a real good close-up shot of what her expression was and it was very pained when she came out. I immediately put my hands under the table so nobody could see me doing Sword Fingers. I found some blockages in her chest and stomach. Went to work and cleared the blockages. When I felt peaceful enough I opened my eyes and she's coming center stage, she's out there by herself and she's just beaming. And I'm like ‘Yes. Yes. Yes!' So, I watched her the rest of the performance and it went perfect. I went back stage and was talking with her and a couple other performers and I pulled her aside and I said when you came out, how were you feeling? She says, ‘Oh, I wasn't. She says ‘As we were passing in the routine everybody said, ‘Smile,' She says, "I thought I was going to fall out. Let alone smile." I told her I sensed that. I went to work on you and by the time you came out center stage you looked like you were in great shape. She says, ‘I was. I felt it. I got it.' And she thanked me, thanked me, thanked me. So, that was my qigong healing experience." - Byron Gaskins, ~Atlanta, GA

Leukemia [excerpt] "A couple of years ago ... my mom was diagnosed with Leukemia. It wasn't an advanced stage. It was a mild stage but the doctors had been monitoring her blood. I told her about the qigong and got the active exercises for her and she started practicing. Then, one day I invited her on a telephone healing with Master Lin because they said we could invite in friends and family.. She did the healing and said she felt a lot of energy moving through. And, then, when she went for her blood test the next day, she got the results back and the doctor said she was completely normal. I just want to say thank you Master Lin and qigong really works." - Jacy Jenkins, ~Long Beach, CA

Severe Migraine Headaches & Helping her Dog to Heal

[excerpt] “Having had migraines for six years, I mean absolutely debilitating migraines and two phone sessions with Chunyi Lin they’re gone. That’s pretty major. [The migraines were] Horrible pain, I mean you can’t get out of bed. You don’t even want to look at the light, vomiting. I mean, uck. I wanted somebody to be able to heal me and be healthy and it turns out to have been Master Lin.” - Judy Cameron, ~Novato, CA


In 1997, when Skyler Krull was seven years old, he began having seizures. When an MRI and EEG were unable to point to a cause, Skyler's neurologist recommended anti-seizure medication. But after trying several medications, still the seizures continued.

Just after starting seventh grade, as he was about to turn 13, Skyler's seizures became extremely severe. Subsequent hospitalization and testing revealed a brain tumor. Skyler's doctors felt confident that once the tumor was removed the seizures should stop. However, after a high-risk yet successful surgery at the Mayo Clinic, Skyler's seizures actually increased to nearly continuous episodes 18 or more hours a day. Skyler was unable to attend school for two years and required around-the-clock care.

His parents continued to seek answers and took him to the best neurologists they could find who continued to recommend trials of various anti-seizure medications. This led to Skyler at one point taking more than 30 pharmaceuticals each and every day and even more in the form of rescue or emergency meds. His doctors considered Skyler's case the most serious of all the cases at their clinic. Since both surgery and medication were ineffective, they didn't know what to do next.

It was at that point, in 2004 that Skyler's mother, Lisa Proctor, learned of a Spring Forest Qigong practitioner named Lesley.* From that very first meeting with Lesley, Skyler started to improve. Using the SFQ techniques she had learned from Master Chunyi Lin, Lesley helped Skyler realize that he was born with the ability to help heal himself. As Skyler explains it, "SFQ gave me my power back. Until then I was powerless and I had no life."

It took a year to safely wean Skyler off of the more than 30 drugs he had been taking. Skyler kept improving, kept following Lesley's guidance and as he puts it, "Lesley taught me to transform my epilepsy with love." At Lesley's recommendation both Skyler and Lisa studied SFQ Levels 1&2 with Master Chunyi Lin.

It took time but with Spring Forest's help and guidance Skyler has grown into a happy and healthy young man who is in college studying eastern healing modalities. His goal is to help others to heal themselves as Lesley helped him.

*In 2010, Lesley was certified by Master Lin as a Spring Forest Qigong Master.

Helping Animals Heal

Nancy Robbins came to Spring Forest Qigong looking for help with her chronic insomnia. Finding the relief she was hoping Nancy began using the SFQ techniques she learned to help others, including "a little bitty dog" named Mushu. [excerpt] "She came into the veterinary clinic I'm the business manager for and the vet took one look at her and said, "Well, you know, she's on death's doorstep. She had fallen and had a concussion and had some improper treatment and by the time the people brought her into the office she was not doing so well. Two years old. And, so the vet went to work on her right away and I came in and used qigong and we had a chiropractor doing some cranio-sacral work and between the three of us in two days she went home in perfect health. And I got the final tune-up. I got to give her a send off treatment of qigong. And she was running around. Saying hello to everybody. We've heard from her family since and she's in great health. So that really, really moved me to be able to help her. (What did the vet think about all this?) She's all for it. She has a holistic practice with nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and when I come back and I'm ready she has a room for me to practice qigong on the animals." - Nancy Robbins, ~Vail, CO

Judy Cameron came to Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong for healing of her debilitating migraine headaches. Finding the healing she was praying for Judy used the techniques she learned in SFQ to help her pet Pug and wants to do more to help animals. [excerpt] "The story I wanted to share though is basically I've been a veterinary nurse for 30 years. My Pug dog in the last month and a half developed a mass of cellulites under his chin and it was pressing on his trachea. So I took him to the emergency vet clinic and they had to do a tracheotomy. He spent the first three days on antibiotics and tracheotomy care and all that. He could breathe better than he's ever been able to breathe because he's Pug but this mass was not going down. I didn't think about qigong because I've been so programmed in the other direction. But then I went, ‘this is my opportunity. My dog might die. My beautiful dog might die. What am I doing? Of course, qigong.' And for four hours I meditated and I did qigong. The next morning I woke up. The vet called and said, ‘Gosh, you know what, overnight the mass went down 40%.' It was enough to take the tube out and he's been on antibiotics for awhile to do the main stay of western medicine. But it was incredibly clear to me that it works. It works remotely. It doesn't matter if you're right here or a hundred miles away." - Judy Cameron, ~Novato, CA

Dear Master Chunyi Lin,

This morning ( Western Australian time) I had the privilege and honour to attend Class 31 online with you. I have recently finished a long bout with a couple of flu viruses, the first time I had ever had flu like that and I had been feeling low in energy since then.

Also, for some time, I'd had an injury in the left side of my body, stretching from my thumb up through my arm, shoulder and neck. It arose from a dance movement that I performed awkwardly last year.

As we started this first class, it also occurred to me it was no accident that it was also the first day of business for our new Prime Minister.

As you led us into the powerful meditation session, almost as an afterthought I remembered the left side of my body and included it in my prayer for my meditation along with some other things. Then 1 was drawn powerfully into meditation.

After we finished the session and you had said goodbye, I remembered the left side of my body. It had loosened up completely and all the soreness and tension had dissolved. As I walked out to see my husband, I could feel divine healing energy electrifying my body. Following that, I experienced a powerful awareness that something profoundly healing was happening for my country.

I would like to offer you my deep gratitude.

With love and blessings to you and your family,


I asked permission to share a story. This story is from Dee who came to Qigong class on Monday September 14th. We went around and introduced ourselves and they told why they came to class.
In 2011 Dee had shunt put in and has suffered pain ever since. She has gone to multiple Dr.'s and specialists and has spent thousands seeking relief and thought she would try Qigong. It was a last
resort for her and you could tell her energy was impacted by the pain.

It has impacted her quality of life and as Elmer her husband said, “mine too.” He really wants to help her and joined her in the class.

I went around to each person Monday night. With Dee I used sword fingers to open the channels and worked around with her for about 30 seconds. Her pain was a 5 before we started, just constant as she put it. I asked Dee to let me know when it was gone. I knew it was no longer hurting her and when I asked her what her pain level was it took me 3 times before she answered. Shocked, she slowly answered and said “ it’s gone, I don’t feel any pain at all” .

Dee and her husband returned on Thursday. I asked her how long the pain was gone and she said about 30 minutes. I congratulated her and with a statement to the group said now Dee knows that living a life without pain is possible and it will keep getting better. I once again went around to each person spending about 30 seconds with each person. Dee was pain free the whole evening. I
gave her specific exercises to do. She came up to me and she and her husband were so grateful and so was I. She was almost giddy as she was able to enjoy the class and not be affected by the
pain. She was hopeful...

I spoke with her this morning, (Saturday September 19th), and she said she slept the entire night Thursday and woke up without pain on Friday morning. The pain eventually returned but her
husband Elmer has been able to help reduce the level of pain with what I showed them on Thursday.

I worked with her about 90 seconds this morning and her pain was gone again.

This is what Master Lin talks about. I love using the universal energy to help others live quality lives. A life without pain.

In gratitude,


I received a call from Peggy [redacted] today. Her husband Don [redacted] had his second healing appointment with Master Lin yesterday 9/22/2015. Peggy called in to update us on Don's condition and here is what she said:

Don has stage 4 liver cancer and has been given 1 year to live. Yesterday he had his healing and did not feel much right afterwards but this morning he woke up and she was shocked by the improvements that
she saw. She says that he looked like a new person. His energy level had risen and his health was amazingly good.

She mentioned that his voice is usually very meek as she describes it, "like a sick voice." Today it is booming! She said that they are very grateful for finding Spring Forest Qigong and Master Lin.

She is so happy with the results that are so amazing this quickly.

Subject: Thank you from the heart

Dear Chunyi:
Thanks for seeing my kitty friend Orange last Friday. He was so much better and playful after the session.

Your suggestion that he should continue a few more treatment sessions is well heeded. I do want Orange to continue seeing you as you have been the master energy that I called upon whenever I gave him healing in the past, so he is familiar with your Qi and your presence.

With gratitude,

Janny Tam and Orange

Produced powerful results for me. I woke up this morning with unusually stiff joints and such pains that I could barely walk to my kitchen. I had to hang on to furniture and the walls and inch my way there.

But after the morning 7am Session I began to feel better and after the 7pm Session I found I had gotten through the day taking only 1/2 the medication and supplements I normally have to take to get through the day.

I also did the Active Exercises and the Small Universe because I learned it was these very exercises that helped heal Master Lin's knee pain and lack of mobility years ago.

I am sending my message of gratitude in this email because I cannot post it on Facebook as I am not a member.

With my deep hearted thanks, love and blessings,

Alice ~ New York


I just wanted to ask you to please pass on the experiences that I had during Jaci's healing on Maddie through me this morning. It was so powerful and I am still tingling almost 4 hours later. What a blessing you all are! Thank you!

My first phone healing with Jaci was this morning, about 30 minutes after the chanting with Chunyi. Jaci is so loving and kind. She gave me the image of the sun in my heart and Maddie’s. We stood together with this energy in our hearts, growing out of our hearts and expanding until we ourselves entered into a giant sun. There all our blockages were burned out and left us. We were flying, dancing, and laughing. The feeling of happiness was totally euphoric--no artificial substance could ever achieve such a sense of wonder and lightness. Then the peace filled us both. We entered into a state of nothingness--no thoughts, feelings, emotions-nothing. It was blissful. That did not last too long but it felt so good. After the call,

I stayed in the feelings as long as possible, listening to the Heart Sutra. Then I lay down and dozed off for a while.

Combined with all this are two other energies. My mother died on Dec. 14 four years ago. I felt her presence and her love very powerfully during the healing session. Then Posy Cat (qigong cat) came and sat down beside me on the couch. She was purring so loudly, I am sure Jaci noticed. She leaned into me purring and comforting. That too was powerful.

I feel so humbled and awed by all this. The bravery, the love, the support, the light, the kindness, the compassion have all been phenomenal and astounding. It is true that love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

With love and gratitude, Nancy :)

Subject: small miracle!

Dear SFQ,

Thank you all who meditated last Friday for my brother Tom [redacted]. He had been in the hospital in Duluth, MN, several weeks after a collapsed lung, due to emphysema (worked with toxic materials for his job, had been a smoker). He had developed a small hole in the lung, which kept filling the chest cavity with air and thus collapsing the lung. Tom had had surgery the Tuesday before the meditations that I asked SFQ to do for him. The surgery, we were told, had not succeeded, as the hole in his lung had not sealed. The doctor wanted to wait a few days to see if anything might change, but he was not hopeful. The doctor took my brother's chart to the U of MINN in the Twin Cities in order to discuss the next step, bigger surgery.

Then on Friday, you did meditation, I did healing meditation, too, and some friends of mine did. On Saturday morning, the doctor noticed that the air escaping from his chest cavity was no longer steady. Intermittent, he said, that was surprising and a good sign. By Sunday, the air leakage had stopped completely. On Monday, they stopped the suction machine that was pulling the air out, and the lung was working on its own, no leaking. They waited 24 hours more to be sure. On Tuesday they clamped the tube. Lung still working, no leaks. On Wednesday, they were able to completely remove the tube from his chest cavity, because they concluded that his lung was healed. "This is a small miracle," the doctor said. He has very happy and very surprised at the healing.

I continue to work on my brother. I thank you for your love and healing. Pat

Update for Kara [redacted] ~ Her mother reporting on 9/10/15

Healthwise, Kara will normally get sick with Bronchitis/Pneumonia within the first couple weeks of starting school, this year she has not as of yet.

She has also had no stomach issues and overall health is looking good.

Her cognitive health has been getting better. She is in the challenge program at school and her teacher reports that she is reading better and better and has had a growth in comprehension.

She still has a few issues with speech but is getting better.

On a side note, she has been maturing and catching up with her age as far as physical growth.

Dear Master Chunyi Lin,

Thank you so much for your email and your sweet birthday message with your photograph.

I hope you and your family are very well and all your days full of beauty.

Since my last birthday, there has been much healing in our family for my husband, daughter and grandson and they are doing well.

I love it that here in Western Australia we are entering spring when I celebrate my birthday and I love the fresh awakening and rejuvenated energy of the sweet sunlight after the long winter. I am so fortunate that my husband and I took the Higher Energy seminar with you in Sydney in 2013 and continue to feel great gratitude for your generous heart and awesome service to humanity.

I did have a fabulous birthday on Thursday 3 September and I attach a photograph so you can see me celebrating with my grandson. Sending you love and blessings,
From my heart, Alison

Dear Master Chunyi Lin,

During the 7 days of Meditation with you and the monks,I had an unexpected experience - I invited my students and my neighbors to join me for this week of meditation. It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon every day when they came, I did the translation in French the same time you were spoken, because nobody were speaking English.

I have been very surprised because to do it was easy and I did also myself a great meditation. It was incredible, out of imagination, everybody had a big smile on their face at the end . The day 5 it was very powerful, one of the woman she had her bottle of water was shaking between her legs, the room was with a lot very strong vibrations so powerful, after the meditations the people were so happy they did not feel to go home, they were so comfortable with me. we were so great, all my body was moving inside and my brain was in the sky connecting, it was so much peace and happiness, I was very happy to
give this experience to the people, a lot of them was their first time to meditate.

It was free so easy for them do decide to come and to it and see, and myself, I did also at night at 2 o'clock in the morning, it was an experience very strong, for a week day and night I was on full connection, an experience,I do not have the words to explain but I'm sure you see what I mean I wanted to share my work meditation I did with you and the monks, even today in my head from far away I
can hear your and their voices singing Thank-you for the gift I could share.

Myriame /Maryanna from France

Dear Master Chunyi Lin

I just forget to let you know during the meditation I had 18 people. It was a lot for my village, I was so happy to give them the experience. Thank-you again to share your knowledge to practice and work.

Myriame / Maryanna

Subject: ~ LAST DAY -Transforming All Negative Karma


I have to tell you this Live event was one of the best and most inspiring and results oriented things I have ever experienced! I also believe it had an effect on my 9-year old who listened in too and my whole family. Thank you so much for such an amazing gift!


Subject: Healing... don't need surgery... thank you

For the past 13 years I have had a chronic infection in my sphenoid sinus, which is located behind the nose in the brain. I had surgery in 2003 to remove the infection.

When I had MRIs on my brain for a concussion I sustained in a car accident this past February the infection showed up again. In March, I went to an ENT and the CTscan he took showed it
was filling the whole left side again. Surgery was scheduled for May 31...

Since March I have been doing a lot of healing energy work....Qi Gong.... To heal and remove blockages, not only for the injuries from the car accident, but also the Sphenoid sinus.

Today I went for my pre^opt for the surgery. I DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SURGERY because my sinus is almost clear!!!!!!The Doctor and his staff were shocked.

So doing healing energy works!!! I am living proof, that if you believe, you can heal yourself!!! Master Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qi Gong.... Thank you for your support, healing and
teachings!!!!!! I am continuing my healing for the rest of my body's aches and pains from the car accident!!!

Create a wonderful day!


David just called. Maddie's bone marrow test was great. From 80% count down to .9%.

This is not technically considered remission but the doctors and parents very positive. Best Christmas present ever. Maddie does not go back to hospital until Dec. 30 so she has more time to build up strength. Thanks for all your love and support. We would not be here without it.

Merry Christmas! Nancy :)

Hi Jaci -

A quick update on my scan last week since I don't have another appointment to be in the office set up yet and it may not be until after the new year starts.

First, my anxiety of having the scan was considerably reduced after seeing you and Master Lin on the 7th. Much appreciated.

My scan was on Tuesday, the 8th, and I talked to my oncologist on the 10th. He let me know that my scans had showed improvement. There was less activity around the cancer areas and the sizes of the cancer areas had decreased to the point that he wasn't recommending adding hormone therapy at this time. I wasn't prepared for the question of what I had been doing that would help account for the improvements. I did mention qigong amongst some of the other changes I’ve made.

Not sure if that made it into his official report, but of course was a big factor in having things turn around.

I am enjoying the meditations/chants while Master Lin is on his cruise. Just after a few times my energy has automatically started to tune in just before they get started and my body has started that rocking sensation that I have when taking in the energy. My cat has continued to help keep me on track too for the morning sessions. Gotta love those animals.

With gratitude, blessings and thanks to you and Master Lin for your healing assistance!


Dear Master Jaci Gran, thank you for helping me heal! Happy
holidays! Merlin (and Susan )


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