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Opening Energy Channels

“Energy is the foundation of life. But most of us don’t know how to tap into this precious resource but the secrets are known through the ancient Chinese practice of qigong.” ~ Mehmet Oz, MD



Thousands of years ago Chinese scholars began studying how to make the body healthier and recover faster and more completely from injury or illness. The techniques they developed are called qigong.

Their goal was much the same as health care professionals today - helping people to experience their optimal health and wellness.


“Master Lin has done what many considered impossible. He has taken 5,000 years of intricate, complex teachings and synthesized them into a system that anyone can learn and benefit from immediately.”

~ Greg Gerber, MD, Chief of Internal Medicine, SW Memorial Hospital, Houston, TX


Studies show that when a patient participates in their own healing they generally recover faster and maintain their health for longer periods of time. To review Medical Research Abstracts, just click on the icon to the right.

There are many forms of Qigong. Spring Forest Qigong is medical qigong versus martial arts qigong. Martial arts qigong is a much more rigorous physical discipline with its emphasis on self-defense. The focus of medical qigong is on health, wellness and healing. The movements are slow and gentle.

There are thousands of styles of medical qigong. Most are very complicated, complex and challenging to learn. As Dr. Gerber notes Master Chunyi Lin synthesized these ancient teachings into a simple, yet very powerful system of medical qigong that anyone can learn very quickly.

Over the years, the Department of Health and Human Services has reported that seventy percent of diseases are preventable. However, most people around the world don’t know how to prevent disease and promote true physical and emotional health and wellness.

Qigong practice is based on the precepts that being in good health requires much more than strenuous workouts at a gym or aerobic sports. Exercises of this type focus on building muscles or increasing endurance while qigong focuses on the body as a whole and involves the regulation and regeneration of the internal organs, the nervous system, the cardiovascular and circulatory system, the lymphatic, and the digestive system.

Slow, graceful movements combined with mental focus and relaxed breathing are used to increase and balance a person's vital energy or life force, Qi. When focus, intent and breathing techniques are added to physical movement, the benefits of exercise increase exponentially. When the energy channels in the body flow smoothly, the body can recuperate faster and more efficiently.

Spring Forest Qigong is a practice that can complement all other healing modalities. Helping to fulfill the ultimate goal of all health care professionals – the best possible outcome for their patients and clients.

SFQ techniques and training can help the health care professional to relieve stress, revitalize their energy and achieve and maintain their own optimal health and wellness. Just as these simple, yet powerful techniques can do the same to assist their patients and clients.

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100 do qigong,” ~ Mehmet Oz, MD


Opening Energy Channels with Touch

(pronounced: chee – sahzh)

Qi~ssage is a technique combining energy touch with qigong. Chunyi Lin created Qi~ssage to provide you with another simple yet very powerful technique to help you achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness, and healing. Like massage, Qi~ssage involves touching and physical stimulation of the body.

Like qigong, Qi~ssage focuses on balancing and enhancing the flow of energy through the body’s energy channels, or meridians, in part through the power of your mind, or your visualization, and, most importantly, the unconditional love from your heart.

Qi~ssage is a technique that can be especially helpful for all health care professionals who utilize touch techniques with their patients and clients, such as chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, nurses.


Helps Prevents Stress on Ligaments and Joints for Professional Physical and Massage Therapists

All too often, when a licensed physical therapist or massage therapist completes their education and begins their practice, they discover that constant therapeutic repetition on clients can be quite rigorous after a short period of time and cause carpel tunnel and other health issues for the therapist and impede a successful practice.

Qi~ssage and Qigong are designed to help prevent this from occurring. You can help lift energy blockages in the client’s body without touching and open energy channels without burning out your fingers, wrists, shoulders or upper back when using touch. Not only do Qigong and Qi~ssage help your clients quickly and easily, but both Spring Forest practices help you renew and stay balanced and healthy.


Master Chunyi Lin on Qi~ssage

“Through all my studies of the body’s energy system, in every technique I practice and teach, I focus on ways to help you spend less time and receive greater benefit. That is what I’ve created with Qi~ssage -- another simple, yet powerful technique that can help you live a healthier and happier life. I believe you will find Qi~ssage very enjoyable and very beneficial. I hope you will share it with everyone you know.”

~ Chunyi Lin


Medical Studies on Spring Forest Qigong


Read detailed Medical Studies on Spring Forest Qigong



External Qigong for Chronic Pain

Clinical study by Ann Vincent, Brent A. Bauer, et al Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota Jamia Hill, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Conclusions: "Subjects with chronic pain who received external qigong experienced reduction in pain intensity following each qigong treatment. This is especially impressive given the long duration of pain (>5 years) in most of the participants," writes lead author Ann Vincent, MD, MBBS, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.


Link to Study on PubMed.Gov



Utilizing Spring Forest Qigong as a Self-Directed Treatment for Chronic Pain & Emotional Distress

Clinical study by Jane F. Coleman, R.N., PhD, Professor Emerita, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN


Conclusion: Both the active exercise and meditative aspects of Spring Forest Qigong proved to be effective self-care modalities for persons with perceived chronic physical pain and/or emotional distress. Subjects demonstrated significant improvement both anecdotally and statistically during the study period.


Link to Study on PubMed.Gov



Spring Forest Qigong Research - Depression Study

Clinical Study by Dr. Frances V. Gaik, Chicago, IL


Conclusion: Spring Forest Qigong "extremely effective" in treating Depression & Bipolar Disorder.


Link to Study


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