Unlock the Power of Self- Healing with our NEW Updated Five Elements Self-Healing Course 



 Experience an unparalleled journey of self-healing and transformation with our most comprehensive and updated Qigong course yet!


The course is completely updated with new, never before seen content and videos to make healing faster and even more complete. The course is presented through a unique video teaching methodology developed by Learning Strategies that Master Lin is absolutely thrilled with and calls “revolutionary!”



Are you ready to transform your life and take your self-healing journey to the next level?

Our newly updated Qigong 5 Element Self-Study Course is designed to help you harness the ancient wisdom of Qigong to achieve profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

 This NEW Five Elements Self-Healing Course, includes everything from the original Five Elements Self-Study Course, and our Level One: Self-Study Course and so much more! 

 Your Spring Forest Qigong Self- Healing course will show you how you can help heal yourself from just about every type of physical and emotional ailment—using nothing more than your own natural energy. You’ll discover how to prevent blockages BEFORE they occur—and how to help clear toxic build-up every single day—so you can remain healthy and live a long and healthy life.


NEW Five Elements Self-Healing Main Course

Introductory video learning sessions

  • Welcome to Five Elements Self-Healing
  • Experience Qi 
  • Five Healing Movements
  • The Origin of Spring Forest Qigong
  • 100 Days of Practice
  • Sitting Meditation


10 video practice/learning sessions

A) The Healing Five Element Movement Video 
      (30 Minutes)

Follow along as Master Lin beautifully demonstrates each healing movement for you. Effortlessly and quickly, you’ll see how to use your energy to heal yourself.

  • Cultivating Qi 
  • Moving of Yin & Yang 
  • Breathing of the Universe
  • Connecting Heaven & Earth 
  • Connecting with your Body's Energy 
  • Connecting with your Heart's Energy
  • Harvesting Qi

B) Positive Emotions Video (30 Minutes)

5 Element Movements Guided Practice adding in a positive emotion with each movement

Practice along with Master Lin, as he explains how to use five powerful emotions to heal different organs in the body, to heal even quicker.  As you do the healing movements, you’ll feel those emotions. You might have a breakthrough healing right then and there.

  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Contentment
  • Gratitude

C) Miracle of Qi Video (30 Minutes)  NEW! 

  • Chunyi Lin's Mission
  • What is Energy?
  • Energy Channels
  • Benefits of Spring Forest Qigong
  • Keys to Effective Healing 

D) Vital Elements of Qigong Video (30 Minutes) 

You’ll learn about the three principles of Qigong that help you go more deeply into the place of infinite intelligence, where you connect with the flow of pure Qi energy.

  • Mind and Visualization 
  • Breathing 
  • Postures, Body Movements, and Sound
  • Principles of Qigong 

E) Causes of Energy Blockages Video (30 Minutes)

You’ll learn about the harm unbalanced emotions can cause plus how to use Nutrition, the Weather, and Feng Shui to heal yourself.

  • Unbalanced Emotion
  • Nutrition
  • Changes in Seasons & Weather
  • Wrong Meditation & Injury

F) Exploring the Keys to Your Success Video  (30 Minutes)

  1. Faith
  2. Confidence
  3. Call Upon Your Master's Energy 
  4. Visualization and Focus 
  5. Consistency

G) Cultivating Qi Video (30 Minutes) NEW! 

  1. Honor Your Vitality 
  2. Connecting the Main Energy Channels 
  3. Waking Up Your Body's Energy 
  4. Your Healing Intentions
  5. Feeling the Energy 

H) Good, Better, Best Practices Video (30 Minutes) NEW!

  1. Your Body's Natural Reactions 
  2. Rebalancing Your Energy
  3. Why We Harvest Qi 
  4. Improving Your Practice 
  5. Additional Tips to Guide you 

I) Sitting Meditation Video (30 Minutes)  NEW!

  1. Connecting Body, Mind, and Spirit
  2. Five Positive Emotions Meditation Overview
  3. Deep Healing Meditation Overview 
  4. Adding Meditation to Your Practice

J) Small Universe & The Power of Sound Video (30 Minutes) NEW!

  1. The Small Universe Process
  2. Master the Small Universe
  3. The Signature of the Universe
  4. Chanting on Your Own 
  5. Sleep, Tinnitus, Environmental Sounds

5 practice-only sessions with beautiful music or nature sounds (3 video, 2 audio) NEW!

1. ) "Inner Beauty Qigong Meditation Music" (Healing Movements Video with Minimal Guidance)

2.) "Perfect Healing" Qigong Music 

3.)  Water Sounds 


3 Healing Meditations NEW!

1.) Five Element Emotions Meditations (32 minutes) 

2.) Deep Healing Meditation (32 Minutes) 

3.) Small Universe Meditations (30 Minutes) & Small Universe Meditation with less guidance (30 Minutes) 

All you have to do is sit down, push play, close your eyes, and follow along. Master Lin will guide you to use your mind to quicken your healing. You will love the way you feel after you do any of these Healing Meditations.


Exclusive Updated Manual (103 Page PDF) 

NEW Never Before Seen Extensive Content!

Includes everything from the Original 5 Elements Course and the Level One: Self Study course and so much more!

The NEW updated manual includes never before seen content, and leads you step-by-step through your practice of the Spring Forest Qigong healing movements. Master Lin carefully describes and demonstrates every movement and meditation and includes all the tips, insights, and directions you need to achieve the powerful benefits of Qigong.


Plus, a free gift ($32 value!) when you enroll... Free "Inner Beauty" Qigong Music

The Inner Beauty meditation music specifically designed for Qigong practice, inspired by Master Lin during a morning meditation, is breathtaking music ideal for Qigong, meditation, yoga, massage, or just relaxing at home.

Add to Cart $300 USD

NEW Five Elements Self-Healing Deluxe Course

This Add-on Includes Everything in the Main Course plus the following: (see below)

8 Deep Healing Video Sessions NEW!

K) Deep Healing Through Breathing Video 
(30 Minutes)

The three key aspects of healing with Spring Forest Qigong Five Elements Self-Healing are controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movement. In this session, Master Lin will guide you in making simple breathing adjustments for immediate and powerful health benefits..

  • Breathing is Profound
  • Types of Breathing
  • Lower Dantain and the Skin
  • Visualization and Movements
  • Breathe with Feeling 

L) Deep Healing Through the Mind Video (30 Minutes)

Master Lin will help you harness your mind's healing power, discover your Life Purpose and Passion, and unite mind and heart for perfect healing.

  • Power of Positive Messaging 
  • Choosing Positive Emotions
  • Life Purpose, Goal Drives Energy
  • Training a Positive Attitude 
  • Mental Exercises

M) Deep Healing Using the Body Video (30 Minutes)

One of the reasons people get sick is because of a imbalance in “yin and yang” energies. In this session, Master Lin will teach you a knee technique to balance yin and yang energies, which can also aid in weight loss.

  • Postures: Shoulder, Chin, Jaw, Elbows
  • Hand Postures: Fingers Open & Prayer Position 
  • Bending Knees
  • Qigong Bouncing 
  • Spine Position: Dolphin Technique

N) Deep Healing Through the Heart Video (30 Minutes)

Learning to "open your heart" can enhance your career, relationships, personal performance, and spiritual enlightenment.

  • Heart Center & Middle Dantain 
  • Heart Energy: Spirit and Soul
  • Heart Energy: Deep Emotions
  • Heart Energy: Subconscious Mind 
  • Good Deed Purify Your Soul 

O) Deep Healing with Love Video (30 Minutes)

Understanding conditional love, unconditional love, and universal unconditional love enables you to use love for healing, mending a broken heart, and guiding daily life.

  • What is Love? 
  • Three Levels of Love: Conditional, Unconditional, Universal Unconditional 
  • Using Conditional and Unconditional Love
  • Using Universal Love 
  • Letting Love Guide Your Daily Life

P) Deep Healing Through Forgiveness Video (30 Minutes)

Forgiveness can be the quickest path to self-healing, making blockages disappear, which is why Spring Forest Qigong emphasizes Love, Kindness, and Forgiveness.

  • To Forgive is Love in Action 
  • Letting Go of Your Stories 
  • Forgiving Others
  • Forgiving Yourself 
  • Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Healing

Q) Deep Healing in the Present Moment Video (30 Minutes)

In this session, Master Lin will help you find joy in each moment, keeping you present and focused on positive Qi energy instead of negative symptoms. (You’ll quit thinking about pain!)

  • Characteristics of Qigong Focus: the Hands
  • Feeling the Energy Internally: the Lower Dantian 
  • How to Enjoy the Moment 
  • Overcoming Boringness: Advancing the Higher Levels
  • Helping Your Body Guide You to Greater Wisdom 

R) Deep Healing Through Generational Energy Video (30 Minutes)

Tapping into the generational energy of your ancestors can bring profound healing, making pain and suffering a distant memory.

  • Generational Energy & Divine Wisdom 
  • Ancestors' Wisdom & Energy Systems 
  • Why we Activate the Ancestors' Energy
  • How we Activate the Ancestors' Energy 
  • Be Willing to Be Guided 


6 Practice Only Video Sessions: (Healing Movements with minimal guidance) NEW!

  1. "Back in the Universe" Qigong Music
  2. "Perfect Love" Qigong Music
  3. "Inner Peace" Qigong Music
  4. Forest Sounds
  5. "Lead me to Joy" Qigong Music
  6. Silence Practice 

10 Additional Audio Meditations NEW!

  1. Small Universe Meditation (60 Minutes) 
  2. Small Universe Meditation with less guidance (60 Minutes) 
  3. Small Universe Meditation, Silence (30 Minutes) 
  4. Small Universe Meditation with less guidance, Silence (30 Minutes) 
  5. Small Universe Meditation with Water Sounds (30 Minutes) 
  6. Small Universe Meditation with less guidance, Forest Sounds (30 Minutes) 
  7. Deep Healing Meditation, Silence (32 Minutes) 
  8. Deep Healing Meditation, Forest Sounds (32 Minutes) 
  9. Five Positive Emotions Meditation
  10. Five Positive Emotions Meditation, Silence (32 Minutes) 
  11. Five Positive Emotions Meditation, Water Sounds (32 Minutes) 



2 Bonus Paraliminal Audio Sessions NEW!

With the Deluxe you also receive a bonus of two Paraliminal audio sessions designed to activate your subconscious mind. (Millions of Paraliminals have already been used by people all over the world.)


Receive 4 Recordings of Master Lin’s Healing Connection NEW!

Another great bonus with the Deluxe course are tips for easier and more thorough healing from Master Lin’s Healing Connection. For ten years now, Master Lin has met live nearly every week with Spring Forest Qigong practitioners. You will receive recordings of our four favorite sessions!

Add to Cart $600 USD



Why Upgrade to Our New Course?

1. Enhanced Techniques and Content: Our updated course includes the latest advancements in Qigong practice, offering deeper insights and more effective techniques to amplify your healing journey. With new exercises, meditations, and breathing techniques, you'll experience faster and more powerful results.

2. Comprehensive Learning Materials: Benefit from a rich array of learning resources, including detailed video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and interactive elements. These materials are designed to cater to all learning styles, ensuring you can absorb and apply the teachings effectively.

3. Personal Guidance from Master Lin: Gain exclusive access to personal guidance from Master Lin, who will share his profound knowledge and experience to help you master the five elements of Qigong. His expert advice and tips will enhance your practice and accelerate your progress.

4. Practical Applications for Everyday Life: Learn how to integrate Qigong principles into your daily routine. Our course emphasizes practical applications, helping you use Qigong to improve your health, boost your energy, and achieve inner peace and balance in your everyday life.

5. Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to all course materials, allowing you to revisit and deepen your practice at your own pace. Our course is designed to grow with you, providing continuous support and learning opportunities as you advance.






Included in Your Self - Study Course


Study Manual with Clear Instructions and Photos

Unlimited Streaming Videos Demonstrated by Master Chunyi Lin. Guiding You Step-by-Step in Mastering the Five Element Qigong Healing Movements

Download-able MP3 Practice Guide Voiced by Master Chunyi Lin.

13 Weeks of "100 Days Practice With You" Videos for More Qigong Wisdom and Help You Stay Focused in Activating Your Body's Healing Intelligence.





From People Who Practice Five Element Qigong


"Last year I started a daily Qigong practice with Five Elements. I am enjoying the benefits of that practice. I have lost 10 pounds and each day my body, mind and Spirit are improving ?❤️I am sooooo... grateful for your sharing of some of your knowledge and wisdom. I am also enjoying the complete healing of Leukemia for 9 years now. The healing came from You, Master Lin and the practice of Qigong."

May Love, Joy and Peace surround you always ? - Billie




EMOTIONS (energy in motion) are the #1 cause of energy blockages in the body.

Qigong says we get sick because the body’s organs and energy channels are not in sync with each other. This is the Qigong view. 

And as far as your health goes, the Qigong view is that energy flows through the body in channels. When the channels are open and energy is abundant, you experience health; when the channels get blocked, the body’s energy becomes unbalanced – too much here, too little there. Naturally, this affects the organs and how they work. If they start not to work well – within themselves and with each other, – the body creates all kinds of dysfunction and opens up to all kinds of outside influences. This is called illness or disease.  

Many things cause energy blockages. But the number-one cause of energy blockages is emotions. Unbalanced emotions. What you could call “negative” emotions.

For example:



Fear drains the Kidney Energy
Kidney energy is your vitality. Your life-force. The energy your body uses to heal when it’s sick, and the energy it uses to support all its vital functions. Kidney energy is the most important energy in the body. While fear does serve to preserve life in moments of acute crisis, constant fear has the opposite effect, draining the energy you need for life, for health, and for healing.


Worry and anxiety harm the stomach energy, the pancreas and the spleen.  

Over-thinking harms this energy. In the Qigong view, the pancreas is the body’s energy-switchboard. All the information from the body passes through it before it then sends energy in all directions to help. The pancreas determines how much energy goes where. So, indulging in too much thinking and too much worrying disturbs the stomach and pancreas energy, which means it can’t send the right amount of energy to the right parts of the body. 


Anger and frustration harm the liver energy.  

In the Qigong view, the liver does 70% of the body’s detoxifying – not just the things we ingest as food or medicine or the things in the environment that get into the body, but chemicals our bodies make in response to stress. When the liver is overtaxed and overwhelmed, the body can’t detoxify fast enough. This means that not only will the body create its own dysfunction, but it will also be more susceptible to the influence of external pathogens.  



Quite simply, if negative emotions can block the body’s energy flow and lead to illness, then positive emotions have just as much power (and more!) to open the body’s energy channels and heal us. And not just heal us, but to strengthen our vitality, raise our immunity, and promote our longevity.  

That is exactly why Master Lin created the Five Element Qigong Healing Movements.

The Five Element system (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) is a cornerstone of Chinese medicine. All of our emotions and our organs’ energy systems correspond with a specific element. Learning how to focus on a specific emotion and healing movement for a specific element will transform the energy of its corresponding organ system. Each emotion has its own special signature and special frequency. Each frequency matches a certain part of the system, which powerfully affects the organs in your body.  

The movements build and balance kidney energy – your healing energy, your vitality. They help to bring you stillness – not just while you practice, but even in your daily life. And they circulate and direct healing energy through every major energy channel in your body. With these channels open, coursing with vibrant healing energy, any new energy blockage that may form is briskly washed away.  

But it’s more than that. The real key to Five Elements is the positive healing emotions coupled with the wisdom of the gentle movements. Each amplifies and intensifies the healing power of the other, creating a more complete healing method, generating more healing energy more quickly.  

How does this sound?  

In place of the fear that drains your life-force away – gratitude.  

In place of the worry that binds and constricts – peace.  

In place of the anger that slowly poisons your body and being – happiness.  

 Can you feel gratitude, peace, and happiness? Can you even find... joy, even in the worst of times?  






Doctors Are Saying...


"Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program"

Deepak Chopra, MD

"Absolutely remarkable."

Greg Gerber, MD

"Spring Forest Qigong is going to revolutionize the manner in which we look at healing."

Bill Manahan, MD




Combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern-Day Healing Experiences

Master Lin has taught and helped heal thousands of clients over the last 25 years.  During this time, he has continued to study and improve Spring Forest Qigong techniques.

The Five Element Qigong Healing Movements combines the wisdom of the 5000-year-old Yellow Emperor's medical manuscript with Master Lin's Modern-day healing experiences.  These revolutionary new Qigong techniques merge breathing, gentle movements, emotions, sounds, and visualization to help you heal yourself and others on multiple dimensions.

Most importantly, they are easy to learn and can be done anywhere with no equipment.

These revolutionary new qigong techniques merge breathing, gentle movements, emotions, sounds, and visualization to help you on multiple dimensions of your being.

If you are looking for ways to improve your health, increase your vitality, and emotional stability, this revolutionary course is for you!



General FAQS:


"How long will it take for me to learn Spring Forest Qigong?" 

Literally NO TIME at all. Simply follow along with Master Lin in your Course videos and you’ll be doing it! There’s nothing complicated to memorize or figure out. In the past, Qigong took years of study and intensive practice. But Master Lin cut through the “drama” and complexity of Qigong. He distilled the practice down to its purest essence, consolidating the movements into bite-sized pieces in easy-to-follow videos that you can watch online at your own pace.  


"Do I have to believe in this for it to work?" 

No. You don't need to believe in it for it to work. If you believe it, it works.  If you don't believe it, it still works. If you believe it will work, it often works faster.  Either way, it works, because energy is energy.    

Einstein established; energy cannot be created; it has always been. Energy cannot be destroyed; it will always be. But energy can be transformed; and it always will be, that is transforming.  Our bodies are literally always in a process of transforming energy, whether we realized it or not. Your body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself. it just needs a little help to balance its energies. This is what the Spring Forest Qigong meditations and healing movements do. 


"Can i do this even if I have physical challenges?" 

Definitely. You can do Spring Forest Qigong standing, sitting, or lying down. And you don’t have to do all the movements. You can get results even if you just do a little, to the best of your ability. Spring Forest Qigong can improve your quality of life and reduce pain, no matter what condition you are in. Of course, you should always consult with your physician or other licensed health care practitioner before changing or discontinuing any current treatment. Qigong should be used as a complementary practice for medical care—not as a replacement. 


"How often should i practice Spring Forest Qigong? 

Once a day for five minutes is good. Three times a week for thirty minutes is better. 30 minutes a day for two to three months is best. If you don’t have this much time, do whatever you can do. You can even do it while waiting in traffic, taking a walk in the park, sitting at a concert, waiting at a bus stop, and even while sleeping! When we take time every day to set up a practice for ourselves, our body naturally begins to regulate our energy systems, so that we can heal faster and more efficiently.  





Contact Spring Forest Qigong 


+1 952-593-5555

Monday to Friday | 8AM to 5PM | US Central Time


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