Peak Performance Using Spring Forest Qigong

Balanced Energy Brings Enhanced Performance


More than 5,000 years ago Chinese scholars began studying the energy of the human body. They studied the energy of the body to find ways to achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness and performance in all aspects of life. This study and practice became known as Qigong.In Chinese, Qi means energy and Gong means work. The word qigong literally means working with the body’s energy. A key point those Chinese scholars discovered is that - balanced energy brings enhanced performance.Spring Forest Qigong is a revised and enhanced form of qigong created by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin.


Spring Forest Qigong is a system of very simple, yet very powerful techniques of Breathing, Movement and Mental Focus that can help anyone and everyone to achieve and maintain energy balance and with it higher levels of performance.


This approach not only produces positive results for the individual athlete it can do the same for an entire team as well.


According to Greg Gerber, M.D. of SW Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas: “Master Lin has done what many considered impossible. He has taken 5,000 years of intricate, complex teachings and synthesized them into a system that anyone can learn and benefit from immediately.”


These teachings referred to by Dr. Gerber can be invaluable to coaches and players at all levels of sports from divisional and club play to the professional level because they are easily learned yet can powerfully affect the individual athlete as well as the team’s performance.


Some benefits include:


  • Heightened mental clarity and creativity
  • Heightened mental focus – especially under pressure in a game situation
  • Increased physical energy and endurance
  • Faster recovery from injuries or illness
  • Quicker reaction time
  • Greater body control and improved dexterity
  • Heightened ability to stay in the zone – “in the now”
  • Better team chemistry and cohesion
  • Cost effective to learn and utilize


Contact Spring Forest Qigong to see how your team can improve.

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