Getting the Most from Spring Energy

Master Chunyi Lin


In April spring energy is becoming dominant. After the long dormant period of winter all the plants and trees are waking up to come alive and grow and share their energy. It is a very happy and exciting season. The best way for us to benefit from this season of renewal and new life is to get outside and enjoy it. We need to take time to go out into nature and breathe that fresh energy releasing from the ground. Spending time outside with family or friends is even more beneficial.**


Additionally, when the trees and plants are all coming alive again the healing energy is so pure, so positive. We need to be out in the spring energy to soak up that healing energy, receive the greatest benefit from it and become in harmony and balance with nature. We need to be active, to exercise and spend as much time outdoors as we can. When we do so it’s very good for the liver. Just the green color you see in nature, especially this time of year, is so healing. Liver energy shows out through the eyes so when the eyes receive green information that energy goes back to the liver. It is so very nurturing, very healing.


If you can, spend a little time walking around outside barefoot, but only if it’s warm enough. If it’s still too cold outside then spend some time walking barefoot in the house – again if it’s warm enough.


The soles of your shoes create a barrier between your energy and the earth. That’s often beneficial but this time of year the earth energy is becoming much stronger now and you can literally feel the energy coming out from the ground. You can connect best with that energy when you are barefoot – but make sure it is warm enough so your feet don’t get cold. If it’s not warm enough then wait until it is.


This is the time when liver energy is strongest. Liver energy is the wood element and it tends to take over everything, which is not good. You need to balance your liver energy by strengthening the lung energy. Exercising can help do that.

 People tend to cough a lot in the spring because the liver energy is too strong. Liver energy and wood energy are growing stronger and stronger now. The lungs, which are metal energy, try to control it but on their own they don’t have enough energy to control it during the spring season. That’s another reason why you need to get outside and breathe, deeply, gently, slowly, as often as you can.


Outdoors or indoors you need to exercise until you break a sweat because sweating strengthens the energy of your lungs, which helps to balance the liver/wood energy. Sweating detoxifies the energy of the body through the skin, which strengthens the lungs because the skin is part of the breathing system. Exercising strengthens the lungs’ energy and so does sweating.



So, work up a good sweat every day. At the very least just break a sweat each day. Sitting in a steam room or sauna is good but exercising until you break a sweat is best.


While you’re out there walking and playing and exercising, soaking up the healing, nurturing energy of spring, always remember to put a S.M.I.L.E. on your face and let your love blossom and grow and flow to others and to everything around you, especially our Mother Earth. Of course, every season is a great season for that but it is especially beneficial in spring.


*** If you live in the far north country, like here in Minnesota, where winter has been long and very cold, it is better not to go into the woods for at least several weeks yet. Due to the energy imbalance created by the “Thunder in Winter” phenomenon which I wrote about in the February newsletter you should wait until the weather has been good and warm for several weeks before venturing into the woods or forest. That will give the energy there plenty of time to come into balance.




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