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January 9 @ 9 AM US Central Time | Certified Qigong Healer Emily Jarrett Hughes | Working with the Energy of Water

Join Emily as she talks about the energy of water. As you know, our bodies are made up of mostly water, and water is a marvelous conductor of healing energy messages. Find out more about the healing energy of water as Qigong Healer Emily Jarrett Hughes shares with you her warm-hearted wisdom on Saturday, January 9th @ 9:00 AM US Central Time




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December 19 @ 9 AM US Central Time | Master Chunyi Lin | The Energy of Year 2021 

Say good-bye to the chaotic 2020 and welcome the New Year! As a tradition of Spring Forest Qigong, every year Master Lin reads and analyzes the world energy for the new year. What would the energies of 2021, the Year of Ox look like? Where and what kinds of business opportunities are blooming? Where are the areas with unbalanced energies and how to avoid them? What you can do to harmonize the energies around you for healing, prosperities, safety, and spirituality.



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