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Join us every month, as a special guest speaker, shares with you their personal insights into the practice of Spring Forest Qigong.  SFQ is more than just movements and meditations, it is a way to enhance the quality of your life!

This is one of the many ways we give our love back to our community.


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With SFQ CEO Debra Lin | "The Wisdom Behind the Energy Almanac"


Join Spring Forest Qigong CEO Debra Lin as she shares with you the Wisdom Behind the Energy Almanac and How to Interpret the patterns of energy transformation in the World. 

What if we could "read" the patterns of energy transformation in the World? What if there were a wisdom that knew how nature's energy changes day by day?

And what if we could use that wisdom to support us in all the decisions of our lives? 







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Join Spring Forest Qigong Certified Trainer Paula Robinson LIVE on Saturday, February 11th @ 9:00 am US Central Time as she shares with you how to connect with our own sense of self, using nothing more than the tools we came into this world with.    

Master Lin often says, “Keep it Simple.” Tapping into our senses- it couldn’t be simpler.

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