Spring Forest Qigong Qi~Talk at the Open Community Meeting


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October 3 @ 9 AM US Central Time | Qigong Master Katrina Tobey | Warm Heartedness 

Fire is hot... Water is cold... Fire flares up... Water sinks down... And a warm heart is just right.

Warm heartedness is love in action. Not too much, not too little... A warm heart is just right for creating healing in our body, our family, our community, and our world. Everything begins and ends in the heart. We are all connected.

Find out what makes a warm heart “just right” as Qigong Master Katrina Tobey shares her warm-hearted wisdom with you on Saturday, October 3rd @ 9:00 AM US CT




November 7 @ 9 AM US Central Time | Qigong Master Jerry Wellik | Stories of Love, Forgiveness, and Kindness with Compassion 

Watch our Qi~Talk LIVE from the comfort of your own home!   Join Qigong Master Jerry Wellik as he shares his stories of love, forgiveness, and kindness with compassion.

At Spring Forest Qigong, compassion, love, kindness, and forgiveness are at the heart of everything we do. Through their gentle power, we release all blockages and heal all hurts.

So get cozy and settle in as Qigong Master Jerry Wellik fills your heart with his warm stories on Saturday, November 7th @ 9:00 AM US CT




December 5 @ 9 AM US Central Time | Qigong Master Jaci Gran | Topic Coming Soon 





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