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Healthy Balanced Fried Rice


Nutritional recipe assisting the body to be vigorous
***If you have nut allergies this recipe contains pine nuts and black roasted sesame seeds***
• Goji-berries: a small handful (about 20)
• Pine nuts: a handful
• Black roasted sesame seeds: a small handful
• Chinese Broccoli: 1½ cups (regular broccoli is fine  if you can’t find Chinese)
• Egg whites: from 3 to 4 eggs
• Chinese yam: (optional) – ½ cup cut in cubes and steam for 5 minutes
• Meat: (optional) chicken/pork/shrimp – ½ cup  (cut in cubes)
• Rice: 2 cups
Warm up stir-fry pan and add coconut/vegetable oil
Add broccoli to cook for 3-4 minutes
Add rice and yam and mix all ingredients
Add egg whites and stir for a couple of minutes
Add Goji-berries and pine nuts to mix in
Salt to taste
Sprinkle sesame seeds on top
Serve and enjoy!
1. Cook rice with 1½ cups of water (80% of normal amount of water).
2. Soak Goji-berries with water for 20 minutes and rinse clean.
3. Wash Chinese broccoli, discard leaves and cut stem thinly in pieces. If using regular broccoli use the florets.
4. Beat egg whites.
If you are adding meat to the vegetable stir fry,
do this separately:
Chop meat in cubes
1 green onion – chopped small
2 tablespoons of ginger – chopped fine
1 tablespoon coconut oil
Warm up stir-fry pan and add coconut/vegetable oil
Add the chicken/pork/shrimp and chopped ginger and stir fry until cooked
Add chopped green onion and stir for 30 seconds
Put on top of the stir-fry vegetables and enjoy!

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