• October 28 | Qigong Master Hon Lee |  FREE ONLINE

    'The Front & Back Channels: Pathways to Psycho-Emotional Healing'

    Join SFQ Qigong Master Hon Lee on, Thursday, October 28th @ 7 PM US Central Time as he shares with you the importance and functions of the front (Ren) channel and the back (Du) channel, and their influence on psycho-emotional disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, trauma, and anger, ect. 



  • November 18 | Qigong Master Glenn Tobey |  FREE ONLINE

    'Coming Back Home' Part 6 of 6      

    Join SFQ Master Glenn Tobey on Thursday, November 18th @ 7 PM US Central Time  as he teams up with other SFQ Masters, Instructors, and Healers to share their wonderful insights on topics that will Guide you Back Home to your Heart, connecting with our day-to-day living, the ongoing practice of Spring Forest Qigong.

  • December 30 | Qigong Master Jerry Wellik |  FREE ONLINE

    'Opening of the Heart'

    Join SFQ Master Jerry Wellik on Thursday, December 30th @ 7 PM US Central Time  as he explores how to enter and live at a higher level of vibration, emptiness, to inhabit a life with an open heart - Home is where the Heart is


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