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Full-time Permanent Position

Job Summary

You create a healing environment by sharing knowledge with visitors – whether they are first timers or longtime loyal customers. As the energizer, you are the foundation of Spring Forest Qigong’s positive and welcoming experience.

You take pride in using problem-solving and people skills to determine clients’ needs and help solve them. Your knowledgeable teammates are as excited to share their skills as they are to learn more.

You find great satisfaction in empowering customers to achieve better health and wellness and helping people develop lifelong relationships with Spring Forest Qigong.

You emanate positive energy, even under pressure.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong interest in learning and practicing Spring Forest Qigong, a simple and effective system that helps to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness
  • Intense desire to help make the world a better, more positive place
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Passionate about providing an incredible customer experience
  • Ability to multitask across computer applications, phone calls, and in-person communications


As an energizer, you are a leader in customer solutions and knowledge (of products and services). You are a great listener and passionate about helping others. But, you also know how to turn mild customer curiosity into intense interest. You learn about, share with, and inspire others to become more involved with Spring Forest Qigong.

You must be able to proactively seek out projects that improve customer service and team organization.

You’re proud to represent Spring Forest Qigong, and you illustrate this in your interactions with customers and team members.

This full-time position comes with competitive pay, full corporate benefits, and the opportunity to positively impact individuals and the world.

Additional Requirements

  • You are excellent at providing information in an easy-to-understand way
  • You empathize with and prioritize customer needs
  • You work in a creative, proactive manner to resolve customer issues
  • You establish and maintain positive, cooperative, working relationships
  • You possess great organizational and follow-through skills


Spring Forest Qigong has been helping people help heal themselves for the last 3 decades. Our vision is “a healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.” Spring Forest Qigong is a simple, efficient, and effective method to help you experience your optimal health, wellness, and happiness. We teach modern applications of ancient wisdom to enrich people’s lives.

This full-time position is located at our corporate headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, 55344.

Applicants, please email your resume and a cover letter (on why you want to work at Spring Forest Qigong in this role) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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