This the highest level of teaching certification available through Spring Forest Qigong. Those with this certification may teach Spring Forest Qigong Level One, Level Two, and Level Three.

Everyone can teach and share Spring Forest Qigong, but only SFQ Certified Professional's classes are recognized and qualified for future Qigong certification requirement. 


  • Completed Spring Forest Qigong Certified Qigong Trainer Program

  • Completed Spring Forest Qigong Certified Qigong Healer Program

Submit application for Certified Instructor.



  • Have an earned Bachelor’s degree or plan to complete by the end of Spring Forest Qigong Certification Program.

    • If no degree, a SFQ Bachelor's Degree Equivalency Transcript will be required.

  • Practice Spring Forest Qigong for 1 hour a day

  • Complete 24 Steps to Awaken the Master Within audio program with Master Chunyi Lin

Submit an application for Instructor Certification.  Attend and pass the 4-day Certified Instructor Training once the application is reviewed and approved.



Must attend and pass a 4-day capstone certification class



  • Income from teaching Spring Forest Qigong Level One, Two and Three with standardized fees.

    • Level One – Qi Activation- $149

    • Level Two – Qigong for Healers- $249

    • Level Three – Become a Powerful Healer- $349

  • Spring Forest Qigong will support Certified Instructors by marketing their classes on the Spring Forest Qigong website including:

    • Access to “Tools for Success” a set of easy to use marketing tools.

    • Managing all class registration/enrollment through Spring Forest Qigong website

    • Spring Forest Qigong will handle all customer service questions

    • Two geographic region marketing emails a month to promote your event

    • Marketing brochure template for your classes

    • Business card template

    • Power Point Class Presentation and class material

  • Name and portfolio listed on SFQ website



  • Wholesale price for all Spring Forest Qigong teaching materials

  • Students feedback/survey



Certified Instructors must re-certify every four years by attending the Annual Conference and taking the two day recertification class. 

Instructor Certification will be valid for four years. Re-certification will be offered for all individuals in good-standing that wish to maintain their status as a SFQ Certified Instructor.

  • Continuing education requirement of minimum 7 credits in four years.
  • Successfully pass annual teaching for professionals ethics exam
  • Successfully pass annual healer ethics exam
  • Teaching a minimum 3 Level One Classes, 1 Level Two Class, and 1 Level Three Class registered through Spring Forest Qigong



All Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professionals are required to uphold the highest standards of ethics and behavior.

Spring Forest Qigong reserves the right to revoke any certification if a Certified Professional takes actions that reflect unfavorably on Spring Forest Qigong and/or engages in unlicensed use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name and Spring Forest Qigong copyrighted material anywhere in the world. If you are unsure of the appropriate use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name, please contact .

If you believe a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Professional has exhibited unethical behavior, please contact . To report suspected unlicensed use of the Spring Forest Qigong brand name, please contact .

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