• December 2022 | The Healing Connection |  LIVE ONLINE

    'Handling Messages that come during Meditation'

     Continue your Qigong Study anywhere in the world, Live! Join a community of like-minded people who come together Tuesdays @ 9 PM US Central Time for a powerful one-hour group led by Qigong Grandmaster Chunyi Lin. Every month of the Healing Connection gives 0.5 re-certification credits for SFQ Certified Professionals.

  • December 17  | Founder & Grandmaster Chunyi Lin |  FREE ONLINE

    'Energy Forecast of 2023'

    Join us every month, as a special guest speaker, shares with you their personal insights into the practice of Spring Forest Qigong.  SFQ is more than just movements and meditations, it is a way to enhance the quality of your life!

  • December 21 | Solstice Guided Meditation | US CENTRAL TIME ONLINE $29

    Yin and Yang always try to stay in balance, but the solstice represents a time of year when one of those energies is at its peak. If we know this, we can harmonize with those energies to keep healthy and stay happy.

  • February 25th - March 1st, 2023 | Master Chunyi Lin | Sedona, Arizona US MOUNTAIN TIME IN-PERSON

    Spring Forest Qigong Zhen Qi Integration Retreat (Level Four)

    The pure Qi of the universe (Zhen Qi) exists everywhere including inside of you. Powerful techniques to integrate your Qi with Zhen Qi. For those who desire to learn Qigong beyond healing the physical body.


    Continuing Professional Education: 30 Contact Hours


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