• October 13-15 | Qigong Master Jerry Wellik & Qigong Instructor Emily Jarrett Hughes  | CENTRAL TIME ONLINE $249

    Qi Cultivation to awaken the healer within. A well-trained and developed Qigong Healer is able to move others’ Qi, influence their Qi Field, and inspire them to take action to achieve their optimal health.

    Continuing Professional Education: 11 Contact Hours

  • November 10- 12 | Qigong Master Jerry Wellik & Qigong Instructor Emily Jarrett Hughes | Minneapolis, MN | CENTRAL TIME IN-PERSON $399

    SFQ Level Three- Becoming a Powerful Healer

    Advanced Qigong Healing Techniques, Qi Developments, Qigong Principles, and Healing Principles.

    Continuing Professional Education: 12 Contact Hours


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